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Sakura Guardians

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Author Comments


You are the gray or golden fox. You must shoot the Black Strange Creepy Things and protect the Big Cherry Blossom tree as long as you can.

Player 1 Moves:

A , D: Run

W: Jump

Space: Shoot

Shift: Call Player 2
Player 2 Moves:

H , K Arrows: Run

U: Jump

Space: Shoot

In a far away place, so far from your computer, there is a giant cherry blossom tree, where a fox clan dwells in harmony. The tree is the source of energy for the pure souls that live around and inside it.

However, some mysterious and dangerous Black Strange and Creepy Things appeared to the place, in order to take their place in the tree.

Now the brothers, Shintaro and Momotaro Gingitsune must fight for their home, before it gets corrupted.


Sprites & Programming: Alex Yo

Softwares used:

Construct 2 Free

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Gashisoft (GXSCC)
Songs used:

Nada Sei (Apneia) - Kid Abelha

Palpite - Vanessa Rangel

Você Sempre Será - Marjorie Estiano

My sister: for helping with the Multiplayer test

Parents: for giving birth to me.

Lupy: my pet :3

Me: because I love myself.

João Manoel: a friend of mine that posted a motivational article on Facebook which made me finish this game.

My computer: although it sucks sometimes.

Kid Abelha: their song was part of my childhood.

Scirra: Their engine is so easy.
++ Please, rate my game and like the dev's page: www.facebook.com/alexyoart

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Pro: The concept is good, and there's a lot of room for growth.

Con: As it is, the controls are slippery, the enemy movements predictable, the graphics meh, and the gameplay gets boring quickly.

Overall: Some interesting ideas that could really go somewhere, if the overall play experience is improved.

Suggestions: I really like the kami spirit aspect to the story. Reminds me of Okami, and I think that's what you should aim for with the graphics. You don't need to achieve that level of graphic artistry; that's really too much to expect for any browser-based game. Just keep that idea in mind if you decide to revamp this game. Otherwise, I'd work on setting up a dynamic method for determining where enemies enter the field, and go with the standard system of waves or levels, increasing the number, and difficulty, of enemies by level. Oh, and you can't go wrong with upgrades for this type of game. Everybody loves upgrades. I think you could also build on the 2 player aspect of the game by making it two characters played by one player. Split the game into two screens, with one character protecting the trunk and the other the branches.

Tips for players: summon Player 2 immediately and place Player 2 by the trunk of the tree, facing left. Leave him there. As long as his shots go past the edge of the tree, he will kill the walking spirits before they reach the tree. Then hop around as Player 1, holding down space to fire continuously, and kill all the flying spirits before they get to the tree. With this strategy, you are nigh-invincible. You'll have to mess up really badly in order to die. You'll probably get bored long before that happens.

alexbrunoyo responds:

Thanks a lot for all the hints. I'll consider everything for the next gane. And yeah.... I 'm thinking at Okami and Street Fighter IV styles as references for a sequel. Japanese stuff is great to work with!

Sakura Guardians objective was clear and simple, but the gameplay just wasn't enjoyable.

I found the controls to be a bit touchy and I felt like I had minimal control of my character, which in games like this is NOT a good thing. Fix that and maybe the game is a bit better.

alexbrunoyo responds:

I made a lot of changes already, so I'll make a second game and change almost everything.

I'm sorry but neither the idea is nice nor the graphics or designing in general. I don't mean to be an asshole, really. If this is your first try then nice job but it's not a good idea to submit it here yet. You need further much development, ESPECIALLY with the designing!

it's a nice game but you get bored really quickly !

alexbrunoyo responds:


Credits & Info

2.42 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2015
11:31 AM EDT