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Bill and Hulk vs. The Clock Crew

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Run out of the Clock Crew for their crimes, Bill Cosby and Hulk Hogan join forces to destroy the Clock Crew. Once they break into Clocktopia headquarters, it seems like nothing can stop the dastardly duo!

Will the Clock Crew be able to survive a one-two punch of their worst villains? Will Cosby and Hogan avoid being condemned for crimes they did actually commit? Does the Clock Crew hold any relevance in 2015?

Find out now!

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a glorious movie about the epic battle between the lawful clock-crew, and the lawless villains, bill and hulk....
will they succeed in their quest to destroy the clock crew?
lets hope not!

to me, good ole hulk hogan is alot better than evil bill....
at least he didnt hurt anyone... yet!

either way, this was a prelude to an epic clock/human battle, and i will be waiting to see the next part of this epic instalment, so keep it up!

all of the drawings were great, the animation was good, and the movie had many inside jokes and many details, a thing that made it extra funny for me.
also, thanks for the cameo, it made me very happy!

as for the ending, i laughed so hard when SBC asked ankh: ''hey, are you listening?'' and ankh was looking at his smartphone. i would say: ''oh, kids, those days!'' (lol!)

overall, a great movie, with nice animation, good drawings, a good story, and a strong meaning in it.
very nice work, my friend!

keep making cool movies...
happy clockday!

I like the error, I was tricked and felt great relief when the sign came down and Strawberry was behind it with a positive message for all of us, filled with inspirational music (piano Evangelion??)

Only complaint was Hulk Hogan was not doing enough cocaine.

AnkhClock responds:

That's in the extended Blu-Ray. Preorder today!

I love the message at the end about the Flash format. That's something that had to be said. Thanks pal. <3

Also, holy hell Hulk's eyes are red as all hell.

AnkhClock responds:

its the coke

Why is this rated so low?! I thought this was the best Clock Day 2015 submission! It's mostly because you guys are so good at being self referential. It's great to see you explicitly reference anti-humor. More people need to do that. I hope the Crew will be around longer.

At least I'll still be here to review your popular stuff. This was just unique to me. I like Bill Cosby and Hulk Hogan being there. Of course, Bill Cosby did much worse. We're just always into celebrity mishaps nowadays.

AnkhClock responds:

Aw, thank you. :3