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Fort Ruins

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Author Comments

Fort Ruins is a new point and click escape game in which your grandfather told you a story about an old fort, where he fought for his country. He had many memories with that place, as he spent many years of his life on the front there. So after he died, you wanted to see that fort, this reminding your of him. You went there alone and found just some ruins of an old fort. But it was so big and confusing, that you got lost. Now you need to find a way to escape from the fort ruins by searching for different items and find a qube artifact which is the main piece needed for escape. Good luck!


I was stuck with six artifacts and couldn't escape although I already had a green cube. Thanks to the walk through, there was a key that was well blended into the background which I forgot to click on. Finally, I escaped.

Decent game but mostly skippable. The story/items make no real sense and the gameplay is the same you've seen before.

The problem with using real backgrounds is that you have to make the interactive objects damn obvious. Which means they usally stand out like sore thumbs. I don't mind it though, so when I have to use a walkthrough to find 3 objects, that's bad form. On top of that, the artifact panel was not only hidden but the "keyhole" was misshapen - so even if I found the artifact myself, it wouldn't have helped me.

I looked past the photo backdrops when it came to navigation because of the helpful arrows but even then it made little sense in about half the screens - especially when 1 of 2 paths canonly be accesed that way.

I figured out 97% of the puzzles by myself but what really put the nail in the coffin was being told I need all artifacts etc but not being told *how many* that was.

Also, I never used the notepad, though I like the feature for the one puzzle you need it for.

On a side note, I find EscapeFan promising a new game every day quite scary. We've been inundated already by sloppy, uninspired, rushed escape games of late - that while offering a modicum of entertainment - will soon be grating.

The notepad was a really neat addition that any escape game that uses codes should implement. That said, this wasn't very good. Escape games are really an art of balance. Backgrounds need to be detailed enough that you can discern what can be interacted, something this game didn't manage to do. The navigation here is also disorienting and just makes playing unpleasant. I understand that the premise is being lost but the scenes didn't flow nicely into one another. There were too many puzzles relying on number codes revealed in really impossible to notice clues.

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Credits & Info

2.52 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2015
3:03 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click