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Quite Possible Quiz

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This is a tribute to The Impossible Quiz. We had always enjoyed playing it, but sometimes we found it a bit too hard, so our quiz is more fair. You will find different types of questions, for example optical illusions, word puns, game and song related ones... and many more! And remember; think outside the box!
SPOILER! The answer to question 5 is the dot on the i of the word click.

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The game is good and the questions are creative, but I couldn't go past question 5. I clicked on the dot in the word "click" numerous times, but it wouldn't move on to question 6. I hope that maybe it's just my computer and the not the game itself because I see where others have made it further through the game.

I am a big fan of trivia/quiz games, especially ones which give you trick scenarios and questions; however, when making a game like this, using the proper operations for the math and using correct grammar is vital.

22: Fish can drown, so the "correct" answer is wrong, and so I lost a life attempting it.

46: The two lines are equal; the illusion our eyes play on us make us think one is larger, but tracing your fingers from one segment to the others shows no noticeable difference.

68: I understand the trick you are trying to play, but the correct answer is different from the accepted due to a language error. the prepositional phrase applies to the closest noun, which is thus empty basket, not egg as you intended.

It is an OK game, but there are a few glitches, but it didn't have any real struggle or great deception in the quiz to make it memorable.

Giving it only 3 because I'm finding glitches myself, on question 5 for example, by clicking outside the circles, in the white area, it still counts as a life lost for some reason? and I can't find the logic to that question. If you can, PM me to explain how it's supposed to work, if it's supposed to work like it is, instead of answering the review due to spoiler concerns. If I was able to play the game thoroughly and not just 2-3 mins of it, I'd gladly review it higher.

Reasons why : Great design, only real thing that needs polishing is the circle of the level (you can see the pixels there, where in the orange circle of lives it's smooth [very minor detail tbh], so it would be nice to be prettier xD). Great music and it seems very interesting (as I've only reached 5).

This is so glitchy. I clicked on one of the answer then got it right then the next time I clicked on the same answer and it said I was wrong

Feather-studios responds:

That's strange, I didn't experience this problem myself. Could you explain it a bit more, and say wich question it is?

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3.05 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2015
2:41 PM EDT