Dodge the Shape BETA

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For some reason we got addicted to this game.

-Easy controls for up to 5 friends at once

-A lot of room for improvement, a suggestion would be to input diagonal movement

Great game. Love the 5 player idea. Should have diagonal movement and a player/control guide. And don't publish unfinished games :)

Nice music, strangely addicting for some strange reason, controls work well. Simple but I liked it

Nothing exactly bad in there. There's lots of potential for this game.

BlueWolfDevelopment responds:

Can you pm me and help me a little bit. I want to know any ideas or how to improve my game! Thanks!

This definitely needs work. Here are the problems I noticed:

- The controls aren't good at all. This is what stood out to me the most. The player can only move in four directions (not even diagonally) and is pretty slow. The shapes, however, are faster and can bounce off walls in any direction. It doesn't feel very good to play, it doesn't seem very fair, it's too easy (maybe even unavoidable) to end up in a situation where losing is guaranteed, and I rarely felt like my own losses were due to a lack of skill. Improvements to the controls alone would make this far more enjoyable.

- The level design could be improved. There wasn't much variety; there are three different shapes, each level has three to five total shapes, and that's it. More variety would really help when working with a concept that's been done to death like this one. Maybe even add some obstacles in later levels that aren't just shapes; that'd be relatively unique. Also, I'm under the impression that significant improvements to the controls would make the levels significantly less challenging. Even as it is, "ExtremER" didn't feel very extreme to me, despite losing on it probably ten times or more. So if you do improve the controls, be sure to make the levels more challenging as well.

- Aesthetically, it's ok, in the sense that it conveys enough information visually for the player to understand what's going on. There could certainly be more than just flat colors, though.

Overall it's not the worst thing I've ever played, but there's plenty of room for improvement.

BlueWolfDevelopment responds:

Wait. If losing is guaranteed then how did you get to the last level? I sure didn't want to make this game easy. I wanted it to be challenging. Also I am working on a fix for the controls. Level design What do you mean? Like backgrounds? Also this game is way more fun with more people. Your suppose to get mad at this type of game. There are many like this (Die a lot mad games). But thank you for the comment. I will work on a fix!

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2.72 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2015
12:26 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid