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Cube Escape: Case 23

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Help Dale Vandermeer's investigation on the death of a woman in the 5th episode of Cube Escape. Gather evidence and find a way to Rusty Lake. Interact with objects by using your mouse. Select items and use them on the screen.

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Good Game with interesting gameplay

In the first chapter I thought this was my least favorite of the Cube Escapes, but each chapter got better and better and now this is one of my favorites!!

Where do I start on this? #toogoodtoreview! lets start with the 1st room. the puzzles are very easy, simple for lower intelligence. I really liked the books, but my favorite was the Russian nesting doll. the body hanging from nothing and dissapearing was a bit freaky, but other than that, perfect way to start a game. Room two was a bit confusing, but I figured it out. why did the cat lay an egg, though? nevermind, this is cube escape 5! anyways, Room 3. the painting on the right was stupidly hard, but that gets a pass. the puzzle cabinets and the cube wall, though, are very complicated. I almost (ALMOST, mind you) looked up a walkthrough. a huge help: click the black dots to remove parts of the wall. (everyone reading this, you're welcome.) and the final room: two words. why timed? I just BARELY looked up in time the last time I played to stop the forces opposing me. I love how they have antlers, though. it makes it seem more unique from the original shadowy figure. also, call me a noob, but I forgot about the matches the last time I played, and only remembered after I barely stayed alive. but ignore my critisism, focus on the good stuff, and you will know why I gave 5 stars.

Literally one of the best games I've ever played

Very interesting