Infestation: Dayz Of The Warz

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WASD: Movement
Space: Shoot
Click Icon: Purchase equipment

Change between unlockable outfits in the pause menu.

Buy equipment to support your battle against the zombies.
Defend against waves of a variety of zombies using anything you can: weapons, barricades, turrets, and even human support.

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I totally enjoyed this game. i think it could be useful an update, like mouse aiming or something like that

Music is from game of thrones. Gun shots from madness combat and madness project nexus. And you cant turn around to stop a zombie breaking down a wall. Warz is a game from armour games and infestation is a game from non doppler. Dayz is a real time survival zombie game. You're going to get copyrighted so good luck.

Lets start with the title. "Infestation : Dayz of the Warz" This is begging for views by naming your game using targeted keywords, hoping someone will search for popular zombie games and find yours. If you are making a game, please use an original title.

Now we move on to the game content. Pretty standard left to right shooter game play and decent graphics (Reason for the 1 star).

But I could not help but notice, you guys blatantly stole the music from game of thrones and added it to this... Not only does the music not fit at ALL, but the only custom music is basic tones, looped every 15 seconds. (Also note mentioning that the menu music and game of thrones music loop over each other).

Overall the game play is decent, but the music is lacking, and the attention seeking makes your game look bad.

This game is awesome, the best game of this kind, i loved, i died on wave 22 and i think what need a update to put online mode, please.

Good game apart from the fact that the game does get a bit repetitive and, as claydog72 said, the gun should be faster when the player hits space faster, because then you can just hold down spacebar, and, to be honest, it gets really, really dull. Also, when a zombie is hitting a wall, there is no way to fight him off. You can't even turn around, which sucks. Apart from that, a good game. Love the old school style and music. Sound effects are pretty good as well.

3.5/5 stars

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2.91 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2015
2:19 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun