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Yep..we're back. My good friend Buck Cash and I have produced another movie with an interesting message with the intent to cause a little cognitive dissonance.

I hope you listen closely to what's being said.

Oh yeah, and Toby...don't blam it.


Not Bad

The concept and the commentary were pretty good and well delivered but the comedy/drama mix was a little clunky, and some of the sections went on too long (Jesus in the cell for one, I got the point early on and it just kept going). Still it's worth it for the last bit with George Dubya.

Very weak attempt

what can I say??? ur perfect. Ur not delusional. U know everything. Everyone else is crazy (hmmm, isnt that what the crazy people say?)

the preceding paragraph is just dripping with sarcasm, in case ne1 couldnt figure that out. I'm not christian and I dont believe in jesus, but even I know that the majority of christians (including dubya) never claimed to have seen jesus, nor have they said he has told them to do stuff. They simply "found" him, which is just an expression. They dont mean he was hiding in their closets. I'm sorry, but sum1 who thinks that this s**t is entertaining obviously cant be very smart, so i feel the need to elaborate. Ur doctor explaining cell 3 and what happened inside there took too long and I almost fell asleep.

I'm sorry man, but I can respect that u dont believe in a creator of the world, and u cant respect that I do believe in one. as if that wasnt enough, u ridicule my beliefs. ummmmm, and I'm the closeminded one???


Well... this was a really weird movie, but it was ok you lost marks for making fun of Jesus.
Thats right I am a Christian!
First of all. We don't see Jesus (we only feel his presence)
Second. Jesus would never ask us to free their souls by killing one another. Especially Children! Jesus loved the children.
Ther are some other things I'd like to point out, but I don't want to type it all.
So in conclusion, you lost points for making fun of Jesus and making fun of Christianity.

cool movie

wow nice work i loved it.. well with the new voting its hard for crap to stay alive.. and a new record to try and work with arrg toby has that record going good.. but anyways good flick here...


This animation brings a whole new meaning to the word LAME. The animation itself was pretty good quality of work. But, the story was boring, it wasn't funny, and message was lame. Schizophrenics hear voices in their heads that tell them to do things and sometimes they are religious images. Well, Duh! Seems like alot of work to state the obvious.

Basically this animation had no entertainment value and wasn't worth watching.

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infidelguy responds:

Well, I thank you for your honest opinion. However, I respectfully disagree.

At the time of this writing, the overall score for this is 3.42/5.00, which would indicate to me that quite a few people actually enjoyed it and found it worthwhile on some level, rather than 'lame'.

Many found humor in the roaches, voices, character's expressions, etc., as examples. Even you say the animation was a "pretty good quality of work". (Thanks for that, by the way)

If you found it boring and lame, perhaps you only saw it at face value and missed the part of the message that can be extrapolated by reason and logic that people who CLAIM they can see and/or hear things that not everyone else can are probably having a problem.

This isn't necessarily about people in an institution; It's just as much about people who aren't, but maybe should be or will be eventually.

That doesn't mean all theists are crazy, nor am I trying to imply anything like that. But anyone who claims to ACTUALLY see and/or hear blue trolls or deities (and I have talked to quite a few who claim such things - about deities, anyway) is probably not quite in touch with reality.

Besides, it's not like I'm trying to win a Nobel with this 'toon, I'm just giving people something to think about and having a little fun. What's obvious to you may be a brand new concept to someone else...

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3.12 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2002
1:02 AM EDT
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