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Yep..we're back. My good friend Buck Cash and I have produced another movie with an interesting message with the intent to cause a little cognitive dissonance.

I hope you listen closely to what's being said.

Oh yeah, and Toby...don't blam it.



BRAV FUCKING O... that was the single most meaning piece I have seen on Newgrounds. Bravo guys. It's so true!!! Plus you slurred some humour. I give it a 5. I will vote every day and give it a 5 till i gets on the fucking weekly top.

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funny as shit

dude that was pretty funny. i love the music, the message is good too. keep it up

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Totally totally awesome

I love this! I love the thought behind it. I agree completely. I've been among Christians as well as cults who claimed Christianity, and I see little difference. You presented your message in a very thought-provoking and well-done manner.

Yeah...the cockroach sex was funny, but it did distract me from what was perhaps the most important part of the animation, where you present your main point. I had to watch it again. So...yeah...

But overall, very, VERY well done! Kudos to you, dude.

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Great cartoon!!!

I'm glad that there is actually someone on Newgrounds that actually comes up with thought-provoking cartoons, even though I do like the more common funny cartoons (don't most of us?). This was very interesting. The plot idea was great, the music was great (nice use of Pink Floyd), and the graphics were pretty good, too!

You also put up a very good point when you talked about the Inquistion. It is interesting that almost every (if not every) religion in the world has some people that abuse it, even though they believe that they are following it. Jesus (when he lived) supported peace and a "brotherhood of man". Instead, during the Crusades and the Inquisition, we have devout followers killing thousands of Muslims, Jews, and possibly other non-Christians for the sake of their own religion.

Anyways, I can't believe in anything until I have proof obtained by observation and/or thorough experimentation of it. That is the main reason why I decided to leave Judaism (I was never religious, and my parents were both Jewish) and become an atheist, becuase IMHO, God doesn't exist because he/she/it is a supernatural being, and if something is not natural, it cannot exist.

- Another Atheist

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Another great flash.

These Xtians really need to get off their high horses. They're always twisting the truth and using reverse psychology. Not after my money, huh? Then what the fuck is that collection plate for? Bake sale cookies? And they tell us to grow up. Well, which one of us indulges in perverted, contradicting fantasies (like the "buy-bull") and which one of us doesn't? I rest my case.

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Oct 15, 2002
1:02 AM EDT
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