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1. RobertFrank 11,800
2. SLENEDER 10,935
3. Zirmic 5,378
4. apocolypse101 593
5. Ghostbarrel 389
6. DisbledCarrot 155
7. test012345 137
8. thebottomline1993 116
9. supersavage 114
10. LimeYL 100
11. JAW562 94
12. yokushoyokuja 91
13. goodbrand98 84
14. giantpanda 56
15. Ronzy23 48
16. Hutchmeow316 37
17. ihaveatinypenis 31
18. TheAdventuresofRob 30
19. crapperton 10
20. psychollenn 9

Author Comments

Click 4 Trump, you know you wanna.
Wow yourself with the amazing imagery of Donald Trump as clicking his button slowly fills your screen with inspiring and meaningful pictures of the great person.

**A lil' somethin I made in a car in 45 minutes.

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Make a sequel with Obama, Bush, Biden, and Clinton!

I hate trump but I did make the leader board for 7,002. Who knows maybe He''l waste just that much time.

Too many votes to count... OR NOT ENOUGH!!! jk it's pretty cool, its the kind of game someone plays just to cool down and waste time

(I've used this game as a clip in my vid... check it out for my boiii trump babeeeeeeeeeeh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi30XyZqCcQ)

All hail Donald Trump! Make it more like cookie clicker, add a shop! Good Job. I give you Pi(e) out of 5! (Round from 3.14 to 3)

Anyone who supports Trump is ignorant, conceded, uneducated, etc. Not only is he sexist, not only did he say he wants to have sex with his daughter, but he is the number one racist in America. I don't see how this took 45 min to make for all you do is click a button, increase a counter, and then add GUI. I feel bad for people who like Trump. They're so uneducated that they can't even realize that the electoral college would never even allow him to become president. No stars not only for the basis of the game but also because of the amount of effort put in.

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2.00 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2015
12:42 AM EDT