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The Story about the Hairy Lollipop

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In my fourth game you can make up your own story by filling in the gaps. You can be as creative as you want; it can be about crocodiles, George Clooney and smelly pillows, for example. Be crazy! I hope you will enjoy this interactive game, if you have comments, don't hesitate and leave it below.

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The fascinating story about the unicorns of jonh cena

Feather-studios responds:

Sounds legit

Mine was f up lol watch out for what you choose or else!
-The mayor of the town tried to reassure everyone with a song with a song of masturbators
-This was a quite frightening potential destiny but then I thought of the cute "pussy" of my tiger.
-I threw my "horny" "ass" at his face. lol wtf
-and I saw Tiger1 and Tiger2 again and petted them on their "pussy"

Feather-studios responds:

Glad you enjoyed my game!
Seems to me that your imagination is very good!

Maybe try out my other games?

A mad lib with no mute button and a track that doesn't loop. There must be a way to put strings together so there's no gaps in the text. I'm sad this isn't a first attempt because apart from the book texture, this is pretty poor.

For the lols: Brad Pitt has a thresher the size of a chainsaw and I threw my seductive door at him.

"I saw vehicle as big as a parasol" " I threw my beautiful world at his face". Lol I can continue, but don't wanna spoil it, even tho I would want to save somehow "my" story. Awesome. Just truly awesome story!

Please include a way to mute the music. Haven't found a single game in the entirety of time that actually has music I want to listen to. Having no mute is an automatic fail as far as I am concerned

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3.04 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2015
6:58 AM EDT