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Evolved - Dream sequence

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What happened to your demo of Tabula Rasa ? It was a cool demo, I want to play it again :(

Anyway, I love the atmosphere supported by the heavy and low soundtrack, but the animation is really clunky, and really breaks the state of mind you want to keep up in (For exemple, the wolf's eyes when he touches the green rock, or his foortstep in the reddened snow). Also, when he is in the "spaceship", we hear footsteps as if he was walking with shoes, which is clearly not the case.

Also, do you still plan on continuing developping Tabula Rasa ? It's because I really like the idea dehind that, and your demo, even if it was short and kinda buggy, was really enjoyable.

MMMgames responds:

Hi! I'm glad that you liked the tabula rasa demo. But that project, unfortunately, will never be finished due to the separation of the team that was helping me. However, I made White Wolf 1 and Code: Evolved - White Wolf 2 games for windows. And in a few days, I will be releasing White Wolf collection (that besides White Wolf 1 and 2 contains and Project: Tabula Rasa demo in a form of a game for Windows). You can find more about the White Wolf Collection on https://mmmfree2dwindowsgames.blogspot.rs/2017/11/white-wolf-collection.html This collection is coming out in a few days :) As for this animated video... yea... there was a ton of mistakes, and animation could be better. But this video was made just so I can practice animation. For now, I am focused on game development but who knows... maybe in the future I am going to have enough skill to make a good animated video :)

Truthfully, I thought this could use some more work. The animation techniques involved are cheap/lackluster (like tweening a mask to reveal green veins, rather than taking in the time to animate the sequence)

The atmosphere of the backgrounds were pretty good though, and it did convey some proper storytelling devices (if a little cliche at times), but the biggest flaw is the animation itself. My suggestion is plainly to avoid temptation of the almighty tween, or at least look into using Tweens like modern TV shows do. It's still cheap and fast to do, but the quality is passable enough usually to not break the illusion.

MMMgames responds:

I am new to animation but I will try with each new video to improve myself. Thanks for the review :)