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The Intergalactic Bounty Hunter

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10 Upgrades 5 Points

Complete 10 objectives to upgrade your weapons to level 11 (Any Mode)

20 Upgrades 10 Points

Complete 20 objectives to upgrade your weapons to level 21 (Any Mode)

Novice Mode 10 Points

Complete the game in Novice Mode

100000 25 Points

Get a score of 100,000 or more (Regular or Expert Mode)

30 Upgrades 25 Points

Complete ALL objectives to upgrade your weapons to maximum level (Any Mode)

Lika Ninja 25 Points

Complete part 5 (of any level) without colliding with a Kamikaze ship (Any Mode)

Regular Mode 25 Points

Complete the game in Regular Mode

Survivor 25 Points

Survive for 5 minutes in Endless Mode (unlocked after completing Regular/Expert Mode)

Unbeatable 25 Points

Complete the game without dying (Any mode)

Destroyer 50 Points

Destroy 500 ships in Endless Mode

Expert Mode 50 Points

Complete the game in Expert Mode

No Upgrades 100 Points

Complete the game without upgrading your weapons (except from Boss fights)(Any mode)

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

After his leader's betrayal leads to the destruction of his home planet, an intergalactic bounty hunter quits his job and seeks his revenge against the very fleet with whom he once fought along side.

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annnnnd This is why I have no life, love the game could play for hours

good but becomes boring after a while...

Good, for 2003...

At first, when I saw the spaceship shooting turtle speed bullets, I was thinking "uh-oh", this might be bad. But somehow, after I got the 3-way bullet and then... 9-way... bullet? Things start to get entertaining. The laser and the heavy bomb also have their own use in the right situation. I simply use all my heavy bombs in the asteroid fields as the regular shots (since they drain energy) can't destroy those asteroids fast enough. Same goes with the boss, once it stopped shooting, I simply went in right in front of it and spam everything I got and it goes down very quickly. So the game hooked me back after I had an not positive impression. Great job.

You got all the visuals serviceable, but if you want to kick things up a notch, I recommend having some "impact" visual and audio feedback effects for the regular shots, laser and what not. This is to give the player some gratification of destroying things. Also, you can hype things up, perhaps by moving the background faster when fighting the boss and you know shake the screen a bit.

For the font, it is a bit hard to read. You can use the current font for the title logo or a huge text label, but this font is not suitable for reading.

Other than that, great work. :)

TheCez responds:

I'm glad my game was able to hook you back in even after a bad first impression! :D

And thank you for the suggestions! Those are great ideas! I wish I had thought of them while developing my game, haha!

Yeah, you aren't the first to comment about the font. I'll have to be sure to change that as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for the review and the great ideas!

This game was fun and moved at a good pace. The bosses can feel a bit easy to destroy, but at the same time really hard to dodge those skeeting bullets! I liked that the game has an Endless Mode. i didn't see that coming.

i agree with the others that there could be more contrast between the different enemy ranks. It gets difficult to tell apart at times.

Keep making good games!!

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