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Trixie's Wizard Sleeves (Voiced)

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It's basically http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/661437 , but now with voice acting in it. (And unless I derped up when reading rules, this counts as different enough from the original.)

Music is © Hasbro
Animation © Me
And art is © Smudge Proof

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Just a FYI, I've been in the business for 15+ years. And I've had dozens of high name artists and popufurs run crying from me such as Atryl, Fisk, Kevinsano, Wolfy-Nail, Quilo, Doxy, Mittsies, Shenhibenki, Shadman, Freako, Sparrow, Fatelogic, Das, White_Kitten, The_Smiling_Pony, Notmenotyou and many, many more. So if you wana go down that path, don't expect to come out on top. I can casually decimate scam/hack artists before breakfast. If you wana disregard critique, go right ahead. But cut out your little tantrum before you get burned. Just a fair warning.
Anyhow~ You got some clipping issues with his hand and jizz as they go into his hyper dick. Not to mention the urethra flops about. Did really well on the expressions and shading however. (though, the shadows are a bit confusing, as it's not really clear from where the light source is emanating from.)
With the last scene, I am guessing it's implied the viewer is a peeping tom, if so, it was conveyed pretty well. Doesn't explain any of the other angles... so a bit disconnected there. Still, pretty decent status quo pandering.

P.S. 1776 will commence again!

the song is catchy but i wish there was more

Kattlarv responds:

It's sadly all they did in the movie :P
But it is really neat song imo. And works perfectly for this haha.

cool finally got the voice in

Kattlarv responds:

Yeah, and to my knowledge, it should all be in there :P