Infantry End of the world

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Based on Infantry, an online mutiplayer game (www.infantryzone.com).

Infantry goes pay 2 play.

Music: Final Countdown


lol nice

haha good shit man, i never played infantry but i can feel your pain on that shit. you had some good animation in there, i liked the missiles personally, and the dalorian (i suck at spelling) was funny shit
keep it up man

Bob64 responds:

thanks alot.

the delorian(sp?) was accually a vehicle in a zone called "Atlantis"...

I used to play Infantry...

I played a long long time ago. Then one day, I thought to myself "Y'know, Infantry was a great fuggin' game. Let's see if I can get that mofo up and running again." So I log in, re-download, etc.

Log in.. "WTF! I gotta PAY!? 15 minutes and I get kicked off!? SONNUVA %()#*%!!!" Damnit.. I really want to play too...

You've put my feelings into movie. I love it...


ok well it wasnt really like a flash or anything.. but i gues you are fans of the game.. ohwell just my input...

Bob64 responds:

hey. watch it AFTER it starts to countdown. then you will see the true nature of this movie.

im assuming you only watched the "overview slideshow" since you voted 0 for graphics, 0 for sound, and 0 for violence.

thats not fair. watch the entire thing man. I'd rather you NOT VOTE AT ALL then watch the first 5 seconds, and vote a 0 on it.

so please, watch all of it or something. theres more to the movie then just the "overview slideshow".

Cool stuff

However, Infantry isn't. When I found out it went pay 2 play i was pissed off....I played on mechanized skirmish or "Intermediate Zone" or "Capture the Flag." Same maps, different names...My name was BenjaminMartin. I owned =). Now Infantry blows a greedy Sony cock.

Bob64 responds:

true, true. all this "new" stuff Yankee (the level designer) is "adding" to the game is infact in previous zones.

too bad sony had to be greedy enough to host infantry and then make it p2p after saying it wont go p2p.


Nice video... Its a shame though, how Sony Station went and made Infantry P2P. They were making enough money as it is, what with EverQuest and all. Couldn't they put out a free game like Infantry? Not only that, but don't we deserve more? I mean afterall, many of us did help play test the game. We helped make the game so much better, making our suggestions and what-not to help with game play. Then they go and tell us that they are going Pay2Play... IMHO, almost all P2P games suck. I mean, the only reason a game goes P2P is to suck loads of the money from its players. Not only that, but P2P games tend to make their games become even less appealing to the public. All of those free games out there, or those that charge very little to play, are the ones that really care for their players, and can really level with us. I'll miss Infantry... ON TO BATTLEFIELD 1942!!!!

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Oct 14, 2002
9:19 PM EDT
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