Infantry End of the world

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Based on Infantry, an online mutiplayer game (www.infantryzone.com).

Infantry goes pay 2 play.

Music: Final Countdown


You have come along way...

I remember when you were a wee infantry newbie and people were like, damn he can flash but has no skillz... and I remember my last time logging on infantry and you were in pub 1 and im like wow bob still has no skillz :P

anyways nice flash, its good to see some people have ignored the p2p aspect and continue to play the game...

- kerplunk

Bob64 responds:

ah yes... thats me in eol playing a bit while announcing the release of this flash :P

lol, i got so many kills spamming Plasma Cannon shots everywhere... so many rapers, they cant dodge :P

Ah, its been ahwile since i came back to eol... check me out in a Fleet MC turret, ships would drop like flies...

damn, im gonna miss infantry when my subscription expires next month...

God Damn it!

I want my Infantry back....I have to play as a guest until i can scrap up $6.99 extra a month.. As For all of the people who want to play it but don't want to pay you can download infantry but u have 2 play as a guest... LONG LIVE INFANTRY

Bob64 responds:

yeah, they are so greedy, they are even starting to restrict the zones guests can play in... what pigs.

The sad thing is...

...just watching this made me wish I had played "Infantry", while it was still free.
There's no victory against the allmighty dollar.

Bob64 responds:

there is one way to play the old infantry without paying... some people have the 4-player server software... and the zone files...

I liked the preloader!

Very nice movie! i just didnt get it though... better check out the site.

Bob64 responds:

ok, in the beginning, infantry was free when brainscan hosted it. infanty was then taken over by Sony Online Entertainment. A few months ago, they moved to a Pay to Play (p2p) system, where you must pay to play. after the p2p day, the players of infantry basically dropped to about 1000 from 10 thousand+. thats where the nukes(p2p) comes in, they wipe out almost all the players and ruined all the zones(planet areas).

Two Thumbs Up

I really liked this movie. hte graphics and the sound weren't that good. but stil coming up with this idea. its good. keep up the work

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4.07 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2002
9:19 PM EDT
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