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Author Comments

You play as a gimmicky star dude that can shoot star blocks that can be used as temporary platforms. Your only goal is to collect all stars in every level.

Use arrow keys to move and jump and fall from certain platforms.

Hold space until your star hero flashes and release to throw a block. You can aim your block up by holding up arrow key when releasing, or down while holding down arrow key.

There is no lives, as the star dude is made from magic life particles, so, try different stuff creatively. Enjoy! :)

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So, this game is pretty nice, but there are certain problems.

The graphics are bright, colorful, pixelated and lovely, I really like them. The music is good as well, I enjoyed it all around, I love me some retro-style music.

The gameplay is a puzzle platformer where you have to gather stars in order to move on to the next level while avoiding obstacles and enemies, and at your disposal, you have a magic box that you can throw at enemies and barriers, use as a jump boost and push stars around. The concept is pretty simple, but it's also very satisfying, killing enemies with the block is very fun, and using blocks to put out fires in narrow spots is tricky, but feasible.

The level design is all around pretty nice, with some pretty challenging and enjoyable levels in which you really must put your little block to use in many different ways and risk some harsh jumps every now and then.

The huge problems lie in programming, and that can break the fun of the game big time. First of all, the "spinning chain of fire" thing doesn't remain in one place, instead, it sometimes stretches out in a direction, and sometimes in another, and it seems to change whenever a screen is reloaded, which is pretty weird. Maybe some math rounding problems in the code or something similar? Also, the jumping is mostly okay, but sometimes it seems to not go all the way to the end when I hold the jump button, but maybe it's just me.

Other than that, the fanfare/death animations take a little longer than they should. Also, it might be just my computer, but this game seems to be way more resource heavy than it shoud...

But yeah, pretty decent game, just a few programming flaws here and there.

Pipeweed responds:

Yes, those spinners should have tied to delta time :) I did not release that it would cause such problems if there is any spikes in performance, i have seen it happen once also. Ill fix it if i decide to continue the project. Thank you sir.

Might want to check the coding, you have to re-mute after every screen change.

Pipeweed responds:

Oh, sorry, will be fixed!

Oldschool moments, huh?
Good game, but I agree with Radionic, the star is too slippery.
The rest is good.
4 stars.

Pipeweed responds:

Thanks! :) As i mentioned below, will be fixed for more precise hopping!

Nice throwback to old school gaming but i think when the star guy lands he could be a little less slipperry

Pipeweed responds:

Thanks for the review! I will fine tune the guy for the next release :)

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2015
8:48 AM EDT