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Future Girlfriend

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This game is a short visual novel so it involves a lot of reading. You have to make choices to progress through the story.

Follow the story of Hannah and her boyfriend John as she travels back into the past to save their relationship. She is accompanied by her best friend Clarice.

The story has three endings.

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the first option I choose Hannah died and I laughed when that happened

This short and sweet game is played from the girlfriend's perspective. I thought this was going to be a game where I, the player, had to choose to believe if the main char was telling the truth. Overall, very well done for a first time game. The dialogue is a little on the nose but overall, you can believe different people are interacting. And I personally, do not believe the art is shoddy. I like the fluid lines. I also like that this game offers a good ending. Minor note for future audiences: Trigger Warning of Suicide.

It really isn't that interesting to me... I feel like it doesn't have the replay value for multiple endings. The art is pretty shoddy.... A lot of it isn't even filled in all the way, not to mention that there's no color and little variation in scenery. A lot of it feels like super boring dialogue reading, and my actions feel pretty limited sometimes with the few options I'm given. One time the options were literally "Sure" or "How about Ice cream?" when Hannah asks if we want to go for coffee. There's not really a "no" option there, you can just push her away minutely more by creating more conflict (which by the way, coffee or ice cream really shouldn't be the deciding factor for relationships....)

KoltonKennedy responds:

This was the first game i made and i know it's not good. In fact i think it's bad.

omg the day I "killed myself" was my birthday!! I love this game so far!!! and the music is so great and matches perfectly!!

That was soo sweet...I chose everything so I wouldn't miss anything...Hannah's friend is a jerk though they should let you be aloud to hit her too