Crushga's Fighting Saga BETA

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**** This is a Beta Stable Release that I am working on. Please visit me on http://HitBox.tv/keyeske to give direct feedback as I am livestreaming the development progress. ****

Defeat the boss of the turf to get stronger. Go to the training room to hit harder, and rest to build up HP. Try to survive the adventure, but don't get beat up or you will lose your money.

Things to note:
- There is no single way to defeat the bosses. You can make any strategy
- Some loopholes were set for a reason :)
- The hunger is a pain, but it does not mean death, just can't train until the hunger is above 50.
- You can eat berries from the tree after defeating the first guy.
- You can bloodport (lose) to get back to the house or fight the enemies on the way back (they reappear).

Lots of other fun goodies are to come as I add in other simulation features.


There is no way to earn money. The Hunger meter never stops even when resting. Better graphics would also help.

I admit it has some promise to it, but there got to be another way to make money than fighting.

Hunger meter runs down even at rest so no training. No method to earn money. And near as I can tell the food store does not work. (Nothing indicated I could click it.) Needs work even for an idle game.

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Unplayable right now from the start. I cant even beat the first enemy without sleeping for like 20-30 hp.

Its not even a beta, i would say its more like an alpha game.

Absolutely awful

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1.93 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2015
7:09 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG