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Try to sruvive and beat everybody's highscore!

Made in 5 days by me and ErikSwahn during a game jam we had.

Man this game sure is fun to play.

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Good quick fun; only problem for me is getting around the table seemed to give the monsters more trouble that it should have.

HenrikSahlin responds:

Thanks, am fixing the AI for new release on phones :)

Awesome 5/5 -IGN

HenrikSahlin responds:

Thanks! :D Hope you give Wizurd on android and ios 6/5 when it's released!

i really enjoyed this game and i rarely give more then 3 stars ESPECIALLY to short games such as this. My high score was 995 and i only died because im playing at work and the boss came in so i had to ditch the webpage fast and there is NO PAUSE BUTTON.
Here are the basic assumed stats of the main character i am using as basis of my review:

main character: 5 abilitys, 20hp, 100 mana, 25 mana regen/sec

fire ball: shoots fire ball that can hit multiple targets pushing them away from character and dealing 1 damage, mana cost 15, my use: main attack

heal: heals 10 hp, cost 25 mana. my use: heal when damaged, or used when being damage to act as a shield to null damage.

lighting strike: deals 3 damage in a moderate target area, cost 50 mana. my use: rarely used to kill mobs of tentacle monsters quickly.

ice spike: deals 1 damage, cost 25 mana. Slows all hit targets speed to 1 for 1 second. my use: never

fire blast: deals 2 damage over a large-moderate area. cost 50 mana. My use: never.

basic enemy stats:

poision toad: hp1, damage 1, score points for killing 1, speed 3
snake: hp1, damage 1, score 1, speed 3
flying eye: hp1, damage 1, score 1, speed 5, special: flys over table (fastest creature)
Dark knight: hp2 damage 2.85, score 2, speed 3
tentacle monster: hp3 damage 4, score 3, speed 2
Devil boss: hp6, damage 6, score 6, speed 4

With the above listed to support my points, i have 6 things i would like to raise to your attention.

#1 ice spike is to weak and there for nearly non existent in the game. The fire ball move pushes characters back, which in turn slows their progression to the character. Ice spike also pushes, but also slows them for 1 second. This looks useful on paper, but when you learn it costs 25 mana each shot, the concept becomes unbalanced. Once you shoot your 5 shots, you are now left recharging, the slow only lasts for 1 second, which gives you recharge time for ONLY 1 more shot before they can get you. There for i never used it, and found that spamming fire ball effectively slowed their progression by pushing them back, more so then the ice by slowing them. Possible fixes: make it cost the same as fireball, but cause less damage. OR have it slow them 3 times longer.

#2 fire blast is useless as well. The area fire damage spell that costs 50 mana and deals 2 damage is NEVER useful. Even when there is a mob of monsters that have 1-2hp that i could one hit kill with that spell, i found it more efficient to power though them with my basic attack. If i ever did need an area attack spell, i always used lightning because it can tear through all but 1 of the species in one hit. Even then, i rarely used that spell do to its massive mana cost and because i only used it in the rare case i had 2 or more tentacle monsters in a close group together that i needed to get past. Possible fixes: increase the area effect OR have it cost less mana.

#3 Devil boss is over powered. If there was an chance i would lose naturally, it would be because of this mob only. When taking scoring into consideration, the only challenge of the game is this mob. Having FOUR speed and SIX hp and SIX damage makes him a much larger threat. Fighting 3 or more of these guys can be a real challenge, only brought on by BAD LUCK by a unfortunate spawn. Always try to keep skill games, as skill games. When you make a monster over powered like that it becomes a slot machine of who can get the least amount, and there for do better in the game. Random tough monsters affect scoring balances which i will get into in my next point. While i personally did not mind the difficulty of this monster one way or another, it effects the game in ways that subtract from its overall balance which should be of concern. Possible fixes: give him a weakness like 1 hit killed by ice OR make him worth more points when killed OR slow him down to 2 speed.

#4 scoring is at its most basic stage. 1hp = 1 point when you kill it. This is not a problem in and of its self, but it is something that can be improved. I would like to see more dynamic scoring and ways to earn extra points. Note, that if you do add these ways always explain the scoring system to the player one way or anther. Perhaps in the "help" page. Possible fixes: harder monsters are worth extra points such as the devil boss being worth 10 points AND/OR extra points for combos AND/OR extra points for not taking damage AND/OR subtract score each time heal is used.

#5 as goreblaster said there is a problem with the table. It looks like you can hide behind it and only take damage from the floating eyes. I found that to be to tedious myself to try score that way, but exploits like that ruin the score board. I found that the main appeal of this game was the score board competitiveness. So when you release a score board, make sure there is no glitches or it is ruined forever. Possible fixes: take away the table OR make mobs move around the table instead of getting stuck.


Theres a ton of stuff you can add to this game to make it great. However, if you want this to be a proper leader board game you can not over complicate it. You can add levels and different rooms and stuff like that but it stops becoming a leader board game when you feel the need you have to make a save file, so keep it short. Also it stops becoming a leader board game when luck is involved. Try to keep things consistent if you do add things and try to keep randomness out of the equation. Even the best player in the world can be beaten by the worst player if he gets 20 boss rooms in a row while the bad one gets 20 treasure rooms in a row, you see what i mean?

I love mobile games to death but i makes me sad i wont be able to play yours. You see im not a big fan of micro transactions, even if the game was .01$ i couldn't buy it because i dont want to put my credit card information out there like that. Well i hope my review helped explain the potentials of this game. I wrote such a long review because it seems like your going some where big with this. GOOD LUCK!

HenrikSahlin responds:

Thanks so much!
What you say is correct and we know that the spells needs changes as well as enemies. The ice spell for example has an area effect in the mobile version so far and many other spells are implemented already! We are also aware of that the game should stay simple for people to enjoy it scorewise and for the phone. The enemies might have thier score number difference aswell. We're working through that.
There will of course be a pause button too, but we're not going to update this newgrounds version any further. But we I can assure you that we are not going to release some half-finished, un-polished game ever. We only want the players to have fun, because really, that's all that matters, at least in this game.

The over powered demon shall stay powerful but will be encountered further into the game, by then the player will have more useful spells to choose from. Your review is much appreciated :)

Also soon we will have our twitter page up! Check the description for the link ;D

I love the retro style and top down view. It plays like a mini-Smash TV. I could see it turning into something major with different rooms, new monsters, power ups, and escalating difficulty. But it's also nice in its current incarnation as a quick time waster.

I was able to exploit the mobs pathing problems around the table to get a huge score. I only died because I was playing so long and became distracted. It'd be too tedious to try and beat that score at this point, so I eagerly await the mobile version - I'm an iOS developer, let me know if you need an extra hand.

HenrikSahlin responds:

Thank you so much for this review GoreBlaster! Yeah I think that table is pretty funny. Respects for that high score, I never thought anyone would spend that much time on our game to get that much score xD

Anyways, since you got the highest score right now you will recieve the game for free! (The game is otherwise $1 so that we can pay off licence costs) So I will pm you about that or if I need any help later ;) If you have any more questions just pm me here on newgrounds, since I log in very frequently.
Thanks again!

Love the style of gameplay here, fast-paced and not too challenging and very score attacky. Graphics are a'ight, though very minimalist. I will have to agree with a lot of other people and say that the music is rather repetitive. That's about all I gotta say.

HenrikSahlin responds:

Thanks for the review! I really appreciate all of the feedback. :)

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3.55 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2015
2:55 PM EDT
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