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Simon Says with what I would like to call Material Design or a minimalistic approach to the classic game.

I would really appreciate some feedback.

Update: 01/08

View the leaderboard by pausing the game

The game now has 4 different difficulties. Click on the white bar to change it.

- Basic: Normal "Simon Says" game play
- Intermediate: Colors will swap places after each sequence
- Advanced: Only the next color in the sequence will be shown
- Expert: A mix of intermediate and advanced... good luck?

Changed the contrast a bit, should be a lot easier to see them light up now.
Boosted the sound a little bit.

Added some effects as well.


What can I say it was simon says. it wasn't buggy and there were no issues that I found with it but it all just boils down to a virtual version of a game that already exists.

Nice but I can't see the buttons.

lackity responds:

Fixed it.

Very creative. It works, so it gets 5.

lackity responds:

Don't know if I would call it creative, but thanks!

its nothing new ad I could not see the buttons light up very good but it has potential.

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lackity responds:

True, it isn't, but it was quite fun making it. And I've fixed the flashing, should be a lot easier now.

Pretty good game! I got a score of 21 :3. My only suggestion is that if there is an end to the game, it would help to let viewers know ahead of time.

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2.40 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2015
3:13 PM EDT
Skill - Other