Shark Lake Fisherman

July 29, 2015 –
August 14, 2019
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Author Comments

Get points for each fish that you catch.

The more fish you catch, the more sharks that come.

Avoid the sharks to stay alive.

Try and get the highest score possible.

<Arrow keys> or <WASD> Move Boat

<Z> or <J> or <Spacebar> Fish

You can only fish where the water is sparkling.

The water won't sparkle if the boat or sharks are near.

Avoid sharks... they will kill you!

Happy Fishing :-)


Edit: [31st July 2015]

For some reason the page scrolls down when the arrow keys are held down. I don't know if this is an error with GameMaker's Html5 export. I will look into it and fix it. For the meantime use the WASD keys.

Also, people are having trouble understanding how to play the game. I need to explain things better. The fish are located where the water sparkles (looks like little white bits moving around). When you or sharks get near the area the sparkles will vanish, but the fish are still there. So you only know the location of the fish from far away!


Edit: [4th August 2015]

I got the webpage to not scroll when the arrow keys are held down!

PM me if you need to know how to do with with HTML5 games.


10 fish

<deleted> responds:

Nice. Thanks for playing.

Really cute idea! Could not get passed 9 fish.

Got up to 20. J'yeah! Also, great game. Definitely needs a mobile version, somehow. That would be great.

I really like the death sequence. It's a fun and simple game.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks :-)

I love that! Simply and hard, it would be great mobile game! But i feel kinda empty while playing this. It needs some other content.

<deleted> responds:

I'm thinking of making a mobile version.

This game is a bit too simple. Maybe I should add more upgrades or something.

Couldn't catch a single goddamn fish. If you're supposed to get close to the sparkling parts, then why do they go away when you get near???

<deleted> responds:

The fish are under the sparkling parts (even when the sparkling parts vanish)

This game is amazing is very addicting,very fun to play with,great art and design and that death sequence the best I have seen good job 10/10 keep making games

<deleted> responds:

I'm glad you liked it!

It's a simple game but you get 5 stars just for the death sequence.

Otherwise I wish I caught more than just fish (like squid, octopus, other people...)

<deleted> responds:

People? Haha

At first I did not understand what to do or how the character is controlled. I think you should put a tutorial in the game. Another mistake that I find is that when the page is used arrows going up or down. These are the only errors you find it, but if we ignore the game is very entertaining and it gets increasingly challenging and difficult. I give the game 6.3 / 10 Keep doing more games: D

<deleted> responds:

Arrows don't move the page anymore! Woooo!

good game i give you 4rating cause it has an error with the arrow keys.

Maybe you should make a new one with levels and medals but good game!

<deleted> responds:

No arrow bug anymore. I need 5 star rating :p

Use event.preventDeafult() to avoid screen scrolling when player presses arrow keys or space bar.

<deleted> responds:

Thank you!

I've used GameMaker: Studio to make this so I will see how I can implement it.

haha good game, well gamed sir - Brigadier Pepe Mcpepeson, 5th brigade of the highest Pepe

<deleted> responds:

Thanks.. I think

Very addictive I must say.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks very much!

A true message for our time. With the rampant evils of capitalism running amok around us, this aspiring fisherman shows that not everything in life can be attained simply through material wealth. Even as he sees his perpetual nemeses the sharks multiply he continues to risk both his life and his livelihood through the overfishing of his lake, throwing aside all concerns for both his own future and that of the local ecosystem. All of this merely to satisfy his immediate desire for even greater wealth. Unsatisfied to merely catch enough fish to sustain himself and his commercial enterprise, he continues to push the lake beyond its limits, to turn a blind eye to the rapidly multiplying shark population, and finally he pays the ultimate price as his attempts at monopolizing all trade over fish at the pond and establishing a regional fishing empire cost him his very life. I would suggest that we should pity him, but his character is one of the most avaricious I have ever seen in a video game, so I feel none of us should mourn his passing.

<deleted> responds:


I just thought it was cool to avoid sharks.

Thinking logically, my tactic was sound proof. My goal was to remove so many fish, that the sharks had nothing left to eat and that eventually they would die off. Sadly i dont know what went wrong with my plan. My hypothesis was critically wrong, i only caused more sharks.

This man should go to business school, then he would learn that he should have been a shark fisherman.

3 star game, 5 star comments.

<deleted> responds:

Shark Lake Sharkerman doesn't have the same ring to it!

It made me think, I'm not that different from those sharks...

<deleted> responds:

The character or you personally?

This is a philosiphical game. It made me realise that a man who is never satisfied is doomed to suffer an horrible death. As you get more and more fishes, going back home to your wife and calling it a day is never an option. You see the sharks taking more and more place and you have to be more and more swift and clever to ensure your survival, yet you plan your escape thinking what is the best way to survive AND get more fishes. Doomed

Best game since Duck sim 2008

<deleted> responds:

You hit the nail on the head with what I was going for!

There was like 20 sharts after I got 13 fiah. Fun little game. I'm starting to think there's more sharks than actual fish in this area

<deleted> responds:

1 shark for every fish you get.

Shark Lake is no safe place for a fisherman!

a little difficult. And i had a problem with my screen moving around with the arrow keys not sure what that was all about, but i love the concept.

<deleted> responds:

The screen must of moved because of the sharks. I will try fix this bug!

The page would scroll up and every time I hit the arrow keys.

<deleted> responds:

WASD is the true way of a fisherman. Or try Ninja Mode (do not press up or down).

I will try fix the bug. Something to do with GameMaker Html5 iframes.

Suggestion, add a 'Help' button for those like myself who skipped the instructions at the intro page. Also rather than the school of fish disappearing, try having them move or at least reappear in different locations. Nice work. Fun game.

<deleted> responds:

Will look into it!

Damn, I couldn't catch a single one. Each 'sparkle' literally vanished when i got almost to it. I let it sit idle for five minutes, not seeing the sparkles move. Soon as i get within a few feet, vanish again. Yeesh, didn't even meet a shark.

<deleted> responds:

The fish are under the sparkly (you just don't see the sparkle when you are near).

You're lucky I actually read the game description all the way through to see if I was missing something. You should have said something like, "The sparkles show areas where you can fish; they'll hide when something gets close, but the fish are still there until you catch them!".

Seems kinda difficult anyway, I only got 3 fish before a shark came out of nowhere...

<deleted> responds:

I will look into changing the description.

The shark came from under the water.

Just to let you know the page scrolls with WASD aswell, but fun little game for the parts I could play, maybe the scrolling back up is just part of the game haha.

<deleted> responds:

WASD too! What browser are you using?

Much game, lots fun!

<deleted> responds:

Thank you very much!

Good game! Mabye you should an ocean version with new fish, and new sharks! But great ob.

<deleted> responds:

Thank you. I was thinking of making a better version with upgrades.

22 was my max btw you should explain more properly how the fishing works because some people dont seem to get it. Also I found the music calming and the artwork was cool so congrats on that too :D

<deleted> responds:

Thank you very much. I will have to get someone to help me reword the instructions. I'm not good at explaining stuff!

Another one with the problem of scrolling, that said, I managed to get 5 fish before I was sent to the bottom of the page, and I was on the hungry shark's menu!

<deleted> responds:

I will have to find out why it's happening. Use the WASD buttons in the mean time.

there is a bug with the controls...

if you hold the space bar too long the page scrolls down, the arrow keys do the same thing.

<deleted> responds:

I will try find out why that is happening.

Fun, I like it.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks very much

I couldn't fish anything. Whenever I moved close to a circular sparkling point, the sparkles disappeared before I could do anything. WTF!

<deleted> responds:

The sparkling points are where the fish are. You have to go there and fish. It's just not indicated of you are close to them.

I read the directions, no problems! Cool game :)

<deleted> responds:

Woo! Thanks.

It simple and fun to play I really like it. But it took me while to understand that I can fish when the sparling disappears. Thought that is some kind of trolling and I was trying somehow to approach really fast these sparkling spots before they disappear.

<deleted> responds:

I will have to try and think of a better way to show that you can fish there without confusing people.


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