Runny Square

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Gain points while going around the track without crashing the wall. Also, the square will keep getting fast from time to time.

This is old game I made in December 2014 ago as Ludum Dare 31 entry, added with medals and scoreboard.

How to Play:
- Press space or click to change directio
- Don’t crash the wall
- The square’s speed while keep increasing from time to time.

== Update 1.0.2 (27/7/2015) ==
- Fixed the "More Than Fingers and Toes Combined" medal (which requires 21 points)
- Based on the statistic of the highscore, points required to get 50 and 100 points medals has been scaled down.

== Update 1.0.3 (29/7/2015) ==
- Optimized some code to improve performance

== Update 1.0.4 (9/9/2015) ==
- Fixed medal name "Crasbed Before Starting" typo into "Crashed Before Starting".
- Medal reward for scoring will be rewarded after crashed. The previous was the moment when reaching certain score which cause distraction/disturb concentration.
- Added some codes to store and manage api better.
- Changed "?" button link into NG's profile instead blog

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Simple and fun

so this was a simple game yet fun the small grid was nice made it that much harder I do think changing up the color would be a nice touch on this one, all the medals really made this a fun game you have some nice ideas and made an entertaining game so nice effort here.

I do think changing up the color would be a nice touch on this one


The main reason this game is so hard is because it lags, especially as things get faster. Nothing like pressing the button or clicking the mouse to move, then the square decides to wait a bit too long before actually acknowledging your command, and maybe this lag is enough you crash into a wall.

Sometimes lag in games is unavoidable, but simple games really shouldn't have any lag, so that's definitely something that should be fixed in the coding -- gotta optimize out something because your game lags and it shouldn't.

its hard as fuck just to get 2
there's not much to this either

Cute, fun, and simple. Nice job!

First of all thanks for the 220 free points! XD

This is basic and I appreciate it for its... Generosity... With medals

I just have a few recommendations for more medals:

Dizzy - Spin in a circle 5 times in a row without crashing - 20pts.
Nope... - do a U turn - 15pts.
esreveR - Complete a lap in reverse - 75pts
Cheaters never win - Go behind the start line and then pass it again - 25pts.
Close Call - Be at most only 2 pixels away from the wall - 50pts.
Why? - Die very close the next lap - 10pts.
WHY!? - Die very close the next lap with 10 points - 75pts.
WHY U SO MEAN!? - Die very close the next lap with 31 points - 100pts.
WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME CRUEL AND SATANIC WORLD!? - Die very close the next lap with 99 points - 500pts.

I understand the last one is steep but... Whatever...

Last thing... The points you get for medals don't make sense to me sometimes... Not a big issue, but it really nagged me... For instance:

I get 100 pts. for dying 64 times which is easy but for persisting on and on to get a score of 8 I get 10pts.? I spent 40 minutes trying to get a score of 8 and that's all I get!?

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3.48 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2015
11:00 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid