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Plasma Run

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Author Comments

Due to personal restricting in my home life, this game was made in about 2 weeks.

Arrow keys to move
Space to shoot
Esc to pause

You can take 3 hits and have only one life. Enjoy :D

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It's a nice and simple game, but not bad. You may should add some upgrades or things like that. Anyway, that's good.

I hate games like this, but it was pretty well done.

Donpatch-XD responds:

Thank you... I think?

Nice bullet hell.

I think some of these negative scores are a tad unfair. For a game made in 2 weeks, it's pretty well-made. I'm not sure how much I like the music, but it's rendered nicely, the enemies are simple but well-drawn and varied. Little things like the power-up circles restoring your shields works nicely, although I would have put one before the boss. It's also pretty challenging, especially the boss. He took a number of tries. At first, I agreed with the other review who stats that the game builds up too slowly. Then I realized that the whole game takes something like 90 seconds before the boss, and he takes about a minute. It was worth replaying a few times to win.

The controls seem pretty tight, but there were a few instances where I was unable to move diagonally while I was already moving vertically. It didn't happen often, but got me a few times.
Also, when the game is over, you should have a "Play Again?" or "Return to Title" option. Otherwise, the game sits there doing nothing until you leave the page. Nothing serious, just a professionalism issue.

Also, never forget to add a mute button and a pause button.

Donpatch-XD responds:

There is a pause button (Esc) but it's definitely my fault you wouldn't know, I posted the game at 3:00AM where I am so I just forgot to put that in the description. I'll definitely remember to put a return to title option on the end screen in future games. It's honestly just something I didn't about, but your right, it was unprofessional.

Thank you, that was very helpful.

reminds me of old dos game - Xatax.

Anyway, make the ship being able to move diagonally, or at least make it move according to last button pushed would be great.

Donpatch-XD responds:

Err... I think there's a problem with your keyboard. The ship should move diagonally just fine and move with the button you press as you press it.

It's a REALLY slow buildup this buildup was the main reason i didn't try to play it again.

I like that by the end it basically was like a bullet hell game which really gave the slow build some nice sense of accomplishment and progress.

that boss takes a ton of punishment! i think it would be good if that boss slowly degraded just to feel like I'm getting closer to destroying it.

the powerups shouldn't be the same color and shape as the bullets of your enemies, that's just confusing. Environment was boring but serviceable. same with the enemies. song never got boring so that's a big plus. and sounds seem alright.

i'm guessing it was only one level, i can't imagine there being more than that, so from what i played i had an okay time, it just wasn't anything worth playing more than once.

Donpatch-XD responds:

Fair enough

Credits & Info

2.59 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2015
10:02 PM EDT