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Crossroad life - EP. 1 - The meeting

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This is a really short episode of crossroad life, like a teaser, it doesn't explain too much because this gonna be a large story; in fact some of the episodes I think make them half animated and half comic.
The serie is set in a post-apocalyptic world, this two characters aren't gonna be the center of the story all the time in the episodes; some of them are gonna be in other time, after or before the apocalypse with other characters, what can be possible that characters affect the future or cross with this two principal characters.
The only problem I have now is, I don´t have to much time for work in this (for now) and I have to find people to make the voices, I don't know if in english or latino and later I put subtitles with my horrific english =P
So what do you think? with this few seconds of video, do you are interested in know more? let me know.

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i dig this. it promises so much. I hope whatever time u have to work on this, u keep this great feel of character through action and sound of the world instead of lots of exposition with words.

without the description i thought it was a war of some kind, maybe it would help to see things a bit dirtier to help sell the post-apocalypse.

if u ever do get voice actors,make sure they have consistency. if all u got are latinos with strong accents in english, do it in spanish, or it will feel wrong. unless, of course, their meant to have an accent.

cariors responds:

Thanks for the comment, really helpful

Hot naked werewolf girl? I'm totally into this!

Unfortunately there's no actual nudity, though, so this shouldn't have an M rating.

cariors responds:

I was not going to put "some of nudity" but I put it anyways just in case. Should I uncheck that?

goods backgrounds

a really good/cute/interesting introduction to your new series...

i like the animation, its fast and swift, and it has a good pace... is it 40 FPS?
also, the characters of the film are very cool and likeable.

the young boy is a cute and nice character, i wonder HOW did he got trapped in the basement?
did he go in there for scavenging? or perhaps for a dare-''challenge'' of his friends?

either way, i liked him, and i liked how he met with the monster, aka the wolf-girl.
i liked her face expressions, and the whole emotional tale that was unfolding in here.
no words were necessary. with their face expressions you've showed us the situation perfectly.
i also liked how the little kid did the good move from his side, and then he retreated back in the(relative)safety of the hill...

overall, a great movie, and a great teaser/trailer for the start of a big, promising serie...

i would like to see more like this. do more like this, and keep up the good work!

cariors responds:

Thanks for your comment, it's really make me to release more of this. The animation it's in 25 FPS, and none of the questions are correct to what happened to the kid; some day I'm gonna release that episode, but I don't think it's gonna be some of the first episodes

nice animation!