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Updated version now available on the iOS app store and Google Play:

Build up your units to collect gold that you can use to buy more units. This idle game has 8 unit types, upgrades for each, and achievements at certain intervals. Later in the game you'll start collecting soul orbs that give you a permanent gold boost when you reset. Gold is also generated offline so you don't need to keep the game open while you wait. You can play with just the mouse but there are also keyboard shortcuts: U for upgrades, A for achievements, X for exiting a menu, and R for resetting and gaining soul orbs.


Ok. So I gave this game a very fair go all things considered. And I don't mean I played it a couple of hours, I played it like any idle game where you go through the resets to increment your stuff and build up over days and I have come to one undeniable conclusion.

Your math skills do indeed suck.

You applied an essentially linear upgrade and bonus system to something that needs a logarithmic system. Simply put the cost of units goes up way faster than your ability to earn does and you get nothing to make up for that from those expensive upgrades. Even the reset increment ends up falling flat, like completely.

To put this all into perspective for you if you are still not getting my jive, I have 1.332x10^8 soul orbs currently (that is 133 million or a 2.6 million fold increase in production). If we are to consider the goal of the game is to reach level 300 on all units and I currently have 100 of each of the last 4 units and 200 of each of the first 4 it would take 31 hours to get to level 300 for the peasent (the lowest level unit) but it would take 227.3 YEARS to reach level 300 for the priest (4th lowest unit). It would take 17 YEARS to earn enough just to get the necromancer to level 200!! YEARS dude! Not days, not months, bloody f*king YEARS!!! And that is with a 2.6 million fold increase in gold.

Not only that but it turns out that after about 15 minutes of play the only two units that significantly add to your income are the necromancer and the palidin (125 days to level 200). The total production for my units is 4.95x10^19, the necromancer produces 4.14x10^19, the palidin produces 0.81x10^19, everything else produces 0.00663x10^19. That is 0.1% of total income.

So there is only value in increasing the number of those last 2, and mostly just the last 1... But wait the cost is still going up incrementally.. Hmmm.. How fast does it increase?Not very fast the income only sees a 4% linear increase each round, add that and the level bonus for 200, and 300 and I would still only be making 4.96x10^20. So lets assume I could get all of the benefit without cost and use my level 300 to make my money.. It would still take 1.68 YEARS to earn the money that it would cost to put that same necromancer at level 200!!!!!

Are you seeing the problem?

Beyond that, as others have said there isn't really a goal or much to do. Everything is very, very limited. The buttons do not work well sometimes clicking results in a response in the wrong area, other times it results in a click on the WRONG SCREEN... Wait, what? Yep, the wrong screen, it will click through the upgrade screen to the main screen. You can reset your game without leaving the upgrade page...

Overall the game doesn't feel like it is finished or like it was well thought through. I gave it about a week which is i'm sure more than most. I don't want to be entirely discouraging so I am giving you half a star for encouragement. But that is all, the game needs serious re-working and re-thinking.

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ok this idle game has got to end. I want to know why are we making an idle game. Also ask your self what is the back story and why do we need to build an army at some point i bet we are not going to war to anything. How is this fun ? how is this challenging ? Why are you making an idle game. We are not pitiful lame gamer that need to be playing something that takes negative 100 skill to play.

So it seems you got things here that seems to imply possible rewards for your time... but not really.

Upgrades don't seem to make much sense, as it repeats things like warrior x2 multiplier and all of them cost differently....why? do they add up?

the achievements are confusing...and from what i notice.. i have to CHECK? this is an idle game, why are you wanting me to check? some sound to let me know i passed an achievement could be nice. something to make me feel like it's a real achievement like these pay to win tablet games.

the numbers are so friggin huge it becomes unfathomable to plan out your decision to get the best result. so i had two choices wait for the really slow number rise so i can one by one update each very detached item saying warrior or mage (which in context doesn't really mean anything, might as well have the square say different foods like hamburgers and steak. ) or i could wait till the number goes to the 25 % and hopefully fast forward the process.

i do the latter, do whatever to pass the time. when i come back and buy the thing, i guess it helped a little bit so i tried again for another thing, and it kinda felt the same. empty, very very empty.

but a bug happened, before the numbers seemed to understand basic math of 10 - 9 = 1
suddenly became 10 - 9 = 9.50. then again this could be the math became too unfathomable for my tiny brain.

anyways this was nice cause i didn't have to wait, and i kept buying shiz almost felt like i could finally move forward.

but nothing really happened, nothing ever happens, which is my main issue with this.
what is the point? what the fuck do the soul gems do!? gold boost? means nothing when the number goes up just as slow as everything else.

description says i'm harnessing an army..umm okay
the money keeps getting higher, i mean if this was on the phone, i can keep the game on for a week and get the things and....then what? what would i get? i got the super army? all i got is numbers to let me know that, am i a robot or a human being?

everything i buy is like i don't get anything, there isn't a noise, or a prompt, or a damn message.

wouldn't it be fun if it had some flavor text as reward. saying something like " your 64 warriors and 24 priests got together to bring down a rival kingdom, using the blessings from god to give demigod like strength, we have expanded our reign hail - insert username-"

BAM a gamer would be curious, momentarily entertained and a slight moment of fulfillment that makes the time wasted worth it.

time - gameplay = fun game?


This game is another game based off the clicker craze that has started since cookie clicker. It follows the basics of a clicker game to the point where it feels the same.
The Positives:
The game is at functional
The Cons:
Does nothing new with the idea
No Music at all
Text fonts not being the same
Doesn't feel like a finished product

To the Author, please work a little more on the game before attempting to release it on newgrounds.
While it works, it also should be fun and creative to distinguish itself from the crowd, and sadly it doesn't seem to be the case.
1.5 stars for effort but please try a bit harder next time.

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Jul 26, 2015
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