Apprentice Wars

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Author Comments

Explore the area, talk to NPCs, battle monsters, and collect/evaluate clues to solve a mystery.

Highlight 2 clues you think combine logically. Click the evaluate button. If they combine, you'll hear a tone and get a new clue. Be careful to read and think through all the clues first!

Just click where you want to go; the game will move you there automatically, even avoiding barriers.

The rest of the rules should be obvious; go through the Instructions if you need to.

Based on your feedback from the first game (which this continues), I've made a large number of upgrades to my HTML5 game engine, including:

- Easier to move around map (see above - added an AI to do this automatically without arrows or anything)
- Added precautions to avoid accidentally skipping cut scenes.
- Can have multiple puzzles/stage per game
- Added a (basic) turn-based battle system as well as the ability to collect a party
- Simplified the command buttons available
- NPC sprites can now appear on the map screen

I'll be moving onto other projects for awhile, and the enchant.js engine is too limited, as this game proves (I had to comment some of that library's code out just to get this to run on a local server or NG). Look for "glade1" in aphorism44's Github repository for the game's code, which is designed to be easily customizable.

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not bad but seems a bit difficult at the start notably the part with lissette and the 3 goons.. also Id be willing to "polish" up your drawings if you like.. other than that its not bad.

Include better graphics, correct the battle screen, more music and polish.

Not bad, but It will be better if the paced faster

This game is ok , but the story has potential for a series. The downsides are that traveling around feels akward, needs to be changed to wasd movement controls, also map need a quest marker. The battle interface isn't that great and needs to be improved.

Lictalon responds:

I did, but smartphones don't have wasd keys. You're right about the battles, tho.

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2015
6:22 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG