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Popping Sports

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Ever wanted to play a sports game where you’re constantly about to score the winning goal with just seconds left in the game? Now you can!

…Oh and you’re part of a simulation controlled by a relentless AI, looking for the perfect player. Pop the simulated limbs off your body and score goals using your head as the ball! Failure means deletion.

There are 38 soccer, basketball and hockey themed levels that are randomly chosen each time you play but you need to score a few goals to get to see the harder ones!

How many goals can you score?

W / Up Arrow - Pop your limbs, Start level
Esc / P - Pause game
R - Restart game (while paused)

The game is also available for iOS and Android:

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Reminded me of rocket league except it was a little more fun

good time waster and like born5yearsearly said the robot voice is annoying and WAY over used

Not really worth the time. The robot voice is over used, the levels seen like thsy were designed both dully and at random, and it isn't as entertaining as you'd think.

wtf am i even playing lol, it takes a while to get used to. i like this game idea!

ok so heres what im thinking.

The game as is, is a three star game. here is a list of problems i think are in the current game

1: inconstant levels.

some times ill get a score of 7 with easy levels, others ill get 2 because the next level is near impossible (like the slam dunk level with a goaly and a tiny hoop) so you need to make the levels consistent, eather make the progression identical each time you play, or at least make the levels consistent with difficulty and gradually get harder.

2: wheres the hoop?

There is one level where i couldn't score, but then it turned out that the goal was backwards. The goal section that you can penetrate should be a different color, or have an opening to show that its the ONLY way you can get in the goal. you had that for some, but why not all?

3. impossible levels.

Some levels are waaaay to hard, and should only come after the player has a higher score.

To make this game a 4 star game, fix the things stated above AND add a puzzle mode where you can complete each level individually and unlock the next level. The ARCADE mode, should be the puzzle mode, but in chronological order with 1 life only to see how many you can beat in a row.

Another idea i have to make this game a 5 star game, is to do ALL THE ABOVE, and add score critiquing. Many games where you are trying to get a high score, let you choose difficulty in order to gain a score multiplier. for example, you could do a score mode where you have the option to turn the timer off, BUT you only get .8x points when you score. Or turn on a randomize level progression mode where you get x2 points, but the levels are random instead of consistent.

Just some ideas for you. I enjoyed the game, very unique, and pretty creative man.

Could have more potential but there are some restrictions that limits it but I enjoyed it all the way!
too much that I created a video for it!

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2.99 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2015
5:58 PM EDT