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Rowdy 5 Points

Complete five levels with the "Atrocious!" mark

Assassin 10 Points

Complete the fourth level with a single shot

Backstabber 10 Points

Trigger only one lever while completing the twenty-fourth level

Bloodthirsty 10 Points

Shoot someone on the fourteenth level

Bully 10 Points

Complete ten levels with the "Atrocious!" mark

Burglar 10 Points

Hit all slopes on the tenth level without shooting the couple

Crook 10 Points

Complete the first level with a single shot and four ricochets

Gunslinger 10 Points

Complete the twentieth level in 10 seconds

Hoodlum 10 Points

Complete fifteen levels with the "Atrocious!" mark

Ladykiller 10 Points

Complete the ninth level by shooting both ladies within a one second time span

Luddite 10 Points

Trigger all levers on the fifteenth level before shooting working fellas

Mercykiller 10 Points

Complete the twenty-first level without triggering the lever

Patricide 10 Points

Complete the third level with shooting the gentleman first, then the lady and then - the child

Riffraff 10 Points

Shoot ladies before working fella while completing the thirteenth level

Roughneck 10 Points

Shoot all respectable citizens before working fella while completing the second level

Rube 10 Points

Do not activate the rotating platform while completing the seventeenth level

Satanist 10 Points

Complete the sixth level with shooting six citizens with one bullet

Schemer 10 Points

Trigger all levers on the eighteenth level

Scourge 10 Points

Complete the twenty-second level with zero bullets left

Sharpshooter 10 Points

Complete the sixteenth level in 30 seconds

Sniper 10 Points

Complete the nineteenth level in 20 seconds

Strikebreaker 10 Points

Complete the twelfth level with two shots

Wriggler 10 Points

Do not hit any slopes while completing the fifth level

Blindshot 25 Points

Shoot each citizen on the eighth level after five bullet ricochets

Childkiller 25 Points

Complete the seventh level with shooting child first

Fraud 25 Points

Find a way to complete the eleventh level without hitting every slope

Saboteur 25 Points

Do not hit any clouds while completing the twenty-fifth level

Vandal 25 Points

Hit all lamps while completing the twenty-third level

Villain 25 Points

Complete twenty levels with the "Atrocious!" mark

Fiend 50 Points

Complete all levels with the "Atrocious!" mark

Author Comments

Shooting puzzle that takes place on the pages of century-old newspapers. Comes complete with breathtaking stunts, cartoony characters and slapstick humor.

Ruffian is an old newspaper cartoon character that seeks historical justice. He was neglected and disregarded by upper classes for too long, but the time for putting paper over the cracks has passed. Now is the time for slapstick cartoony revenge.

Guide your gunslinging anti-hero through the series of brain-teasing spatial ricochet puzzles that will test your wit, agility and reaction speed.

Score highest scores by hitting all targets with as few bullets as possible.

Unlock criminatory achievements by completing even more sophisticated stunts and meeting specific requirements.

Show those arrogant high-brow paper goodies from the “Fashion life” and “Modern family” sections what a killing article really means!

This game's visual and audio style is a love letter to the early 1900-20-th newspaper cartoon comedies, commercials and comic strips. Some of the models and visuals are a tribute to the works of James Guilford Swinnerton (main character design) and Charles William Kahles, prolific and influential cartoonist. Among the latter's creations are comic strips dedicated to the hilarious adventures of Hairbreadth Harry, his fiancée Belinda and their archrival, iconic villain Relentless Rudolph.

More about these man’s life and work: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._W._Kahles

This game is a dedication to the hard work and creative talent of countless cartoonists and newspaper artists of Progressive Era in USA.

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Great game, very addicting. There was a very hard level early on that should have been at a later stage and was followed by way easier ones, but other than that it was perfection!

boticelly responds:

Thanks, Deidre! Your comment is very pleasant :)
Also thanks for noting the incoherence with the difficulty curve. This wiil be fixed in our next games.

Pretty Good! A little hard, but that's what makes it fun!

boticelly responds:

Thanks! It's nice that you've found game's difficulty as one of its fun factors )

It took me 4 damn hours to reach all achievements! Fucking hard!
And fucking good!
I give you a god damn 5/5 Stars! My damn head hurts after that puzzle!

m8, u did a rly good job man. Thumbs up 4 all of ye!

boticelly responds:

Thanks Brolf! Knowing the fact that our game have such a hardcore fans like you is the highest reward for me

This is a pretty fun game with vintage graphics and a unique theme. I enjoyed playing this game but after awhile you can only play so much of the same thing, even if the levels do get harder. So if this is your type of game, you'll enjoy it.

Loved the art! but the concept though you can try harder :)
something that focuses about the art and history of newspaper cartoon comedies...
either way I made a video about it!

boticelly responds:

Thank you for your video reaction to our game and for spreading the word about us on your channel! Your raw emotion in the video was priceless to look at )))

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2015
9:25 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other