If Pokemon Was Real Life!!

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What do you think what would happen if this was real life and they had guns?

Thanks to pivot(jordan) tony famous(dont know hes name)julian walker(music)gbloom(backgrounds for the environment)

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Yawn. Yet another unfunny pokemon parody to add to the pile.

Seriously dont we have enough lame Pokemon parodies here? How about trying something different for a change?

Also I'm surprised Jordan agreed to be in this crap

JustDumbGamer responds:

but im a unscripted guy and i am trying something different in a few months too.and this is just to hold me out and i was trying to add to munch and i got real lazy at the writing when i was scripting it.and yeah i have to agree im surprise he did and the rest of them agreed. i wanted to drop but i just didn't feel like it cause i dont have the heart to drop something that people put there effort on.but if i was on my own creating this i would've drop it soon .so yeah i learn my mistakes thank for the review bye bye.


Meh. I feel that the jokes were slow and sloppily executed. I feel that you can do a lot better considering your decent microphone quality. Also, work on how you draw your arms and foreshortening. It will help you a long way.

JustDumbGamer responds:

im still getting use to writing im mostly impervise guy and im mostly do it in 1 layer guy sometimes so yeah

My favorite part was when Pikachu said " What the! OW!!! ". :-)