Midnight Miner

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Explore earthen depths by moonlight as you tunnel for riches in Midnight Miner. The deeper you mine, the more precious the metals and gems you will encounter. Silver, gold, rubies, diamonds, they all await your next expedition. But watch out—a buried stone can cripple your mining craft. Stay focused during your descent, and you can reap the rewards of the midnight mine!

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This game reminds me of Dig To China! It has such relaxing music, a different style of play unlocking many different kinds of abilities. I didn't get to find out if you naturally slide down the level if you get a few extra ores or things where you don't have to unlock them first (like with the amethyst) but it seems that is not what happens.

It's apparently on the App Store (as it keeps advertising) but I have played it on PC just fine and the controls don't have to be adjusted to it either.

I did like this game and it is pretty addictive!

1 star, im sorry but there too many problems. Problems that are easily fixable but you were too lazy to do so.

#1: what do the upgrades do? Is it to much to ask for an upgrade description? you go though all this work to make the upgrades, but then don't even bother to explain them? at least give the value of what each one is worth when you collect it...

#2: money glitch, you can go into negative amount of money by clicking the coin on each upgrade. This takes out the whole purpose of the game.

#3: insane costs, with out the money glitch these upgrades would be borderline unobtainable because even with the upgrades, cash comes in really slow.

#4: boulders are to hard to see, with so much junk on the screen and it moving so fast its to easy to hit one do to the crappy controls, OR by getting suck into a pocket of boulders with no exit possible.

Sorry i usually give 3-4 stars to games with problems, but as long as they have potential. I see that this game has potential, but i also strongly feel you will never accomplish it. Since you are to lazy to fix these problems before you released the game, i doubt you will carry though on this game at all. 1 star for a dead end game that has potential that will never be utilized.

musics name

good game, but found a major glitch where you can purchase almost every upgrade without money by clicking on the amount below the upgrade image and name... works for all but 4 of the bottom eight upgrades

This game has of good points:
-very simple
-nice graphics
-nice music
You don't need more to have fun with it for 15 min.

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2.94 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2015
2:35 PM EDT
Skill - Collect