Cube's Hell

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You were sent to hell by mistake and now you have to escape it.
Run, jump, dodge all lava blocks and cubes as you try to escape hell.
Single-tap to jump in the right timing and find the portal to the next level.

While you dash through the lava blocks, don't forget to jump over pitfalls
otherwise you will burn in the eternal fire.


The game is alright. The graphics are simple but maybe too simple. There are also many games out there that have the same concept as this and there really isn't anything about this game that makes it special. That is why I give this game two and a half stars.

Snappy and smooth controls (which is good), but ......... again the art of shapes. Please choose a better design for your game.

Nice game! It's like geometry dash, really.
Could use some improvement like a better music and speed settings but it's a good work.

Why would you purposely make a game that was unbeatable?
IF you are trying to challenge people go ahead, but impossible games mean that the end goal is unreachable and if its not meant as a joke, is it really a game?
Presentation wise it looks very sub par, look at Geo Dash you can have games like this with flair, artistic prowess, and unique mechanics.
All this is, is things we have seen a million times with nothing new other then its purposely impossible goal.
Not cool dude.

Not to be mean, but please make the music not be a 1440Hz MIDI.
Otherwise, quite "OKAY" in my opinion.

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2.25 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2015
10:42 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle