Henry's Zeppelin

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University Project done in 2 Months

The objective was to create a top view adventure/puzzle game in flash actionscript within the period of 2 months

Fernando Donini
Matheus Viana
Daniel Dias
Ricardo Machado
Henrique Mocellin

Tiag Raguze
Fabiano Pandolfi

Controlling the character Henry you are in a Zeppelin falling down to destruction where your main objective is to go to the main room defeat the two villains that took your Zeppelin and get the control of the Flying machine .

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this game has so many problems, i dont even know where to begin...for starters the controls are a mess, and the character mapping is all over the place, this game needs a lot of work.

LOL! I found a glitch where I went straight through the wall and now I'm outside of the map... How do I get in again?

Uh.....just Uh

I like the animation style and the music is enjoyable.
It should have a reset level option instead of having to find a way to kill yourself to restart a level. There are a few animation glitches like getting stuck inside of a box if it gets pushed against a wall and the robots not being able to put a box down before picking the next one up and getting boxes stacked inside each other as a result.
But overall it's a great puzzle game

You put a lives system into a puzzle game?

Credits & Info

2.53 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2015
12:03 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other