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Minions Must Die

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If you're tired of minions all over your facebook feed, packaged foods, television, etc., this is the cartoon for you. Watch minions get sliced and diced. See minions burnt to a crisp. Look on as they scream in pain. Take catharsis in their well deserved suffering.

If you're a lover of minions, this may not be the cartoon for you.

I don't usually do topical stuff. But I got really sick of minions on crappy jpegs with unrelated text next to them. Wanted to get this out close to the movie's debut, so it's a bit rushed since I only had the idea a few days before the movie came out. I hope some of you can get some enjoyment out of watching these little shits die.

Minions characters, logo, etc. used without permission for the purpose of parody.

UPDATE: Thanks for the positive reception, and Daily 5th Award. I put this thing together pretty fast, and I wasn't sure how people would take it.

UPDATE 2: Thanks for front page! This is great.

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Lambtaco responds:

That's the reaction I was going for.

idk if dis is a game or a video, but i still like it! can u release a koopa's revenge 3 now?

Lambtaco responds:

It's a video, lol. Can't release a game that doesn't exist yet.


I LOVE MINIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

and this video for some reason.

Lambtaco responds:

Tolerance for mockery of something you love? Yours is truly a rare gift on these internets.