Cuby Creatures

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How far can you make it in this free endless runner game? A blocky world full of cute cube creatures.
Collect coins, avoid dangerous hazards and run as far as you can.
Unlock cute Cuby Creatures such as Chicken, a rocket powered snail, a sheep and a unicorn with rainbow sparkles and many more.
Run along the blue river, inside dark crypt and across the sunny beach in this unique running game.

A - Move Left
D - Move Right
W - Jump
P - Pause

Get the mobile version here and play it on the go: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.daves.CubyCreaturesRunning

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I want to like this but there is one problem. I can't see the background to know what to do. It seems good other than that.

More levels maybe bosters :)

Would love to try the game, but UnityWebPlayer isn't supported in Chrome :/

I like the music, the characters and the levels, but the Distance Bonus bugs, most of the times I didn't get any bonus.

"Hi Destroyer,
The game (WebGL version) was working fine on my PC on the default .html file, that unity3D puts out when building the game.
After uploading the game to NG i was only able to test the normal Unity webplayer version, which runs fine. And after reading the bad comments on the game i tried the webGL version and found out how broken it is here on NG...
I already tried to remove the broken WebGL version but without success. I'll try and contact NG support so they remove it. leaving only the UnityWebplayer version online.
There is nothing else i can do really... WebGl is fundamentally broken and we unity devs are kinda forced to use it since chrome dropped support for the Unity Webplayer plugin.
- DaveSheep

So when Cuby Creatures first came out in the Under Judgement page of newgrounds, I couldn't get the damn game to work. It would crash before I got into the level, and then when I finally got in, the controls bugged out and didn't respond. As you can see above, the issue is finally solved, and I can now give everyone the scoop of Cuby Creatures.

This game was able to put a smile on my face, which doesn't happen often. Sure it's another platform jumping simulator, but this is one that's done the right way. The controls are executed so smoothy, and every move you make feels like a tactical decision. The game comes with 3 maps, which 2 have to be unlocked though in-game currency. And though I wish River and Beach had their own song, the content and gameplay makes up for it. It leads to question though why Crypt got it's own music(?)

The object of Cuby Creatures is to dodge the incoming obstacles that stand in your way. To do that, simply move out of the way or jump over them. As you progress, the level will become more difficult, and eventually you deal with a really hostile environment to maneuver around. The standard obstacles you'll be avoiding are spikes, elevated platforms, pitfalls, bodies of water, and cannonball fires. There may be more than this, but unfortunately I only managed to make it 100 yards on average, so if there's anymore the please post it in your review. When you die, it shows how many yards you ran, and exactly how how you died. It even shows your character tilted sideways if you died trying to turn. In my opinion, this is a welcomed feature, and certainly is more fun to look at than the standard despawn animation, or a standard death animation every time.
The in-game currency in this game is called Coins, which you need to collect if you want to buy more characters or levels. Coins are scattered throughout the level and you are able to pick them up just by touching them. You also collect Coins after finishing your game.
1-Coin = 1 Coin
5-Coin = 5 Coins
Finishing Level = 20 Coins
Finishing Level = +1 Coin for each Yard ran.

Now there are up to 12 characters you can play as, but only start off with 1. All other characters must be purchased for 500 Coins. It doesn't matter what character you play as - They all have the same stats.
2 of the 3 playable Levels must also be bought, and they cost 800 coins. Here is where my criticism begins: The Coin costs on some characters may be too high for casual & new players. It also seems too basic for every character to cost the same amount despite having the same stats. Maybe switch some of the prices of some characters to only cost 100 Coins so that new players don't mistake this for a grind. Of course keep some at 500, and make a few 700 Coins. I also think the level cost for the Beach should be increased to 1,200 Coins, and the crypt should be lowered to 500 Coins. The prices just seem too basic & balanced the way they are.

I also noted that the following sound effects are awkwardly too high:
- Cannonball fire
- Splash in water death

Regardless of what you think about with my idea on the Coins, the sound effects need to be fixed. They are at the point of screeching at normal volume, which doesn't sound too healthy.

Cuby Creatures has taken a basic idea and successfully turned it into it's own with heavy modifications. All it needs now to be perfect is a few more game modes, and definitely some easter eggs with the animals. Maybe even allow players to edit their control style. Of course it's too late to add this now, but whose to say if Cuby Creatures 2 is in development? If it is, and it's as well designed as the original Cuby Creatures then I will welcome it with open arms. The final verdict for Cuby Creatures would have been an 8 out of 10. However, it's poor launch on newgrounds is unacceptable even if it was fixed. Points still have to be deducted for not playtesting the game, so the final verdict for Cuby Creatures is a 7 out of 10. It is badass, gets my seal of approval, and is worth everybody's time. Once the Coins and the sound effect issues are fixed, and now that it's working, the only direction for Cuby Creatures to go now is forward, and bring us more content should there be a sequel. I there's a sequel because this game earned it.

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10
NG Rating: 3.5 Stars

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2.89 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2015
4:49 PM EDT
Action - Other