Jumpy Doge

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A fast paced Doge-based game in which you jump until you simply cannot make it anymore, who will win and who will ultimately fail?

Press the left & right arrow on your keyboard to move as you automatically jump up platform-to-platform. If you fall, you die.

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The doge is really drinking bepis because he is fast

i rated 5 best game ever

Not Bad!

very bad i move but the screen moves aswell i press space bar moves the page down wtf

Much boredom. Such lack of originality. Very...ugh, I'll just get to it.

I do know that this is a meme based game. As a person that is almost always on the internet, I should know such things like the doge meme. At least this is better than the steam games that are being sold out without much effort and expect to make quick bucks in seconds.

The controls are just plain wacky to mess with. It was like having to be careful since it felt like sliding on ice with the controls. As I read from someone who is very strong in criticizing, this wasn't your first game and was suppose to be a joke.

Also, a person doesn't need to make games in order to know that its good or not. That's like telling a person who disliked there is a fly in their soup and complain to the chef, but get told that they would like to see them do a better bowl of soup.

Because of the rudeness of the developer, I have to...at least minus maybe half a star. A developer must treat all consumers correctly if they want to even make a sell, or even get more views, even if the consumer is rude themselves. If they critic, you happily use it to your advantage to help improve, not spit into their face and laugh at them. If they enjoy the game, that's one point to you.

Now, back to the game...

As I said, the controls are sloppy and hard to use. Not even the original game with this concept have such awkward controls. The doge head will move too fast from where I want it. And the sudden Pac-man movement to the other side throws you off quickly, making you fall from the surprise and lose the game.

The music gets so annoying to hear, and having no way to stop it makes it a bother. The music even cuts off out of nowhere. I suppose that's better to deal with this the continuous sound of the annoying music.

The design is poor with the animation. I can even see the pixel block around the doge head and know it was pasted on quickly. This is very lacking. The concept is unoriginal, the design and animation is poor, and the music is beyond annoying. There wasn't even an effort to allow people to pause the game, or even the music itself.

The spring in the game has a 50/50 chance of even working, and I have to hope it'll work.

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2.65 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2015
4:17 PM EDT
Action - Other