The Great Destroyer

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Join the crew of the trapped spaceship! Shoot and ram into other vehicles to get money for stronger ships and then destroy the Great Destroyer.

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Nice fucking game you made ... seriously its impossible. I spent 2! HOURS!
Grinding and trying every maneuver possible with your lethargic piece of tin.
But lets get on with the review...

Presentation wise its not bad it really isn't and it sucked me in nicely.
I was having FUN actually getting stronger, and beating enemies that would other wise annihilate me.
The music was nice spacey but full of mood and tone.
The controls where responsive and allowed me to streak about blasting everything in sight.
I died maybe 5 times through the whole game... and that was because i got gutsy and went out into th later sectors when i shouldn't have.

Then i got to the boss... Okay what brilliant notion made you come up with the fact that the boss can simply TOUCH you to kill you... when , wait for it... HE IS 2X FASTER THEN YOU, AND takes up half the DAMN SCREEN!?
Oh i tried, i damn well tried, instituting a long range strategy to volley then run like a scared cat.
But it didn't matter i noticed very quickly that the damn thing was not out runnable. And if i turned around for even a millisecond to fire i was out ran and obliterated.
It's ridiculous just how fucking agile that huge ship was.
Next i tried a series of stop go maneuvers, lasted 4 seconds.
Next i tried relentless shooting hoping to kill it before it touched me... no dice.
Then i tried to do a kind of spin fire movement that had me firing endlessly into nothingness just so i could sneak few hits in while i was being relentlessly pursued, 10 seconds max.
I was confused after that, just how in the hell was this thing going to be beat, if merely touching the fucking thing is insta-death and it NEVER STOPS.
I threw all ideas out the window and just went full assault. Then once it was close i beat feet the other direction... i was out ran at FULL FUCKING SPEED. I couldn't out run it and was going as fast as i could go.
NOW i got angry okay just how in the fuck is this beatable.
I tried a crazy idea. And thought lets make the fucking thing smash into other big ships. Got in the range got it on screen and took off like a bat out of hell MASHING the keys to go fast, with this thing hot on my afterburner. To my unfortunate surprise it didn't work, got as far as the center of the 9th sector before i was out ran yet again with no results at all.
Oh and did i mention that i used THE MOST POWERFUL SHIP IN THE GAME.

Did you test this? did you see if it was ACTUALLY FUCKING WINNABLE?!
Cause i can tell you its not, after these failed i tried a number of mixing of above techniques for about 2 HOURS!
Nothing worked! once it was on screen it was only matter of time till your brick wall of a boss caught me and ended me in a flash, i don't even know why you gave the stupid thing weapons as they are completely superfluous to the fight, all it needed to do was just touch me and boom i was atomized.
I HATE winnable games, and this one crushed me good, i was doing so well, till that boss then all i could hear in my head was some ethereal voice laughing at any and all attempts at beating this unwinnable pile of crap.

Either fix this problem or face rage from OTHER players that dare to get that far.
If you have beaten this i wanna know how and with out Debug or some crap like that.
Beat your own game prove it can be done.

Grevicor responds:

Thank you for your review. I have tested this battle many times (I did it once more after reading your review), and I can say that this boss is beatable. It has very simple pattern of moving - it accelerates for a few seconds, and then it stops. To beat this boss you have to shoot when it is not moving, and run away when it is chasing you. The most important part is to keep a safe distance when you are shooting because it moves faster than you (as you mentioned in your review). I hope that my response is helpful for you. If not, feel free to contact me.

It was kinda fun, but...I went to the shop just to see what it was like, and there was no way to get back to the action. I had to go to 'Map' and 'Launch' again, which made my entire browser freeze for about 10 seconds. And it took some of my money.

Grevicor responds:

Thank you for reporting that bug. I've released new version of the game and now loading sectors is much faster.
When launching some of the money is actually supposed to be taken. It is written in the tutorial window on the map screen that it costs 1% of the money. It prevents players from returning to the shop everytime their ship gets slightly damaged.

Quite an amusing game. I would describe it as "Asteroids with a bigger map and a boss!" the limited variety of enemy units appearing from only 4 directions is a little predictable after a while, and the fact that this game is just a grinding exercise to earn enough money for the next upgrade makes it a bit boring after a while. Theres no replay value to this game unfortunately. a proper upgrade system and enemy variety would spice it up a bit, as would some sort of achievement for each sector to be able to progress. Not a bad game however, and kept me entertained for half an hour or so. :)

Only thing that bothers me is getting back in action after death. When you die, you lost 10% of your money, which is ok, BUT you respawn in shop. To get back to sector, you have to pay another 1% of remaining cash. It's not much, but paying twice for death is a little bit... annoying. Maybe add some sort of game over screen with "go back to sector" and "visit shop" buttons, or sth. I liked the game as whole, though.

Grevicor responds:

Thank you for your suggestion. New version of the Great Destroyer has been released.

Wow that was great! Nice work. It was lots of fun and it had a classic art style that looked great. I could spend hours playing this game, but that brings me to my first point. This is a flash game and in my opinion(which isn't necessarily the best opinion) the fact that you could play this game for hours it too long. I think this would have made a better mobile game because then someone really could play this for hours, but that's just my opinion. And my last point isn't big, but I found pressing esc when you die a pain, It's not a big deal, but a button like the spacebar would be better. Nice work, I can only imagine how much time and effort was put into making this game.

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3.49 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2015
8:33 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
  • Daily 4th Place July 21, 2015