Crumple: Episode 1 (Demo)

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A HUGE thank you for taking the time to view our page & try the demo to our very 1st game release!


Bug fixes, additional levels, & more will be in Episode 1's full release! Your constructive feedback is ALWAYS welcome for us to continue to improve our current & future games! We hope you enjoy!

Crumple is a 3-episode vision based off, initially, a dying industry. The death of paper.

Crumple is about Enve: An envelope brought to life, who wakes up inside a paper factory that is burning to the ground.

Enve will have limitations from the normal type of platforming character. One of those limitations: A lack of arms. With Enve not having arms, it’ll need to rely on some risky physics to get around within its world.

You, the player, will also use Enve’s small variety of moves in order to resolve the many environmental puzzles within a period of time. These will include slides, double jumps, & yes, crumpling!

Can you help Enve escape the mysterious fire within the factory, all the while leaving the player to discover how Enve ended up where it is and why? Time is against you...

Alex T. - Programmer, Artist, Animator
Gabriel G. - Creative Director, Level Designer, Audio

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i've submitted a report to NG staff about the rating. people voting 0 or 1 on this will have their accounts permanently closed.

NascentGames responds:

Oh, I didn't know such a thing was happening...but, OK, thanks!

The most creative game I've seen in a long time! It introduced multiple new concepts and seemed to have its own style. It got increasingly harder leading me to the assumption that there are harder, longer, and more complicated levels to come. Oh and he looked really cute for a piece of paper especially when he crouched xD

NascentGames responds:

<3 ! Cheers, & thank you so much, Ender! Yes, the full Episode 1 release will become more challenging as the player progresses through. It won't be a "spike" in challenge, but it will increase at a good pace. There will certainly be more sections once Episode 1 releases later into Summer/early Fall. :)

A nice game with puzzles.

NascentGames responds:

I appreciate that. Cheers!

Very cool. The game is fun to play and the puzzles are fun and...well puzzling. The game is great, I just wish that the text that showed the buttons were more legible. It took 2 minutes to figure out how to glide. Good work.

NascentGames responds:

Thanks for this! Yes, the text has been a bit of a pain on Flash...especially on a proper font. But, we're still improving on that. So, many thanks, Germain!

it has a very spooky atmosphere

NascentGames responds:

Thanks so much! The tension is partly what I was aiming for in this game. I'm glad somebody noticed. lol Cheers!

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3.10 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2015
4:59 PM EDT
Adventure - Other