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A to move left. D to move right. W to jump. Hold S to fall faster. Hold W to fall slower. F to flip gravity in Chapters 2-4. Esc to pause.


If the game requires ou to concentrate on waths going on in the screen you shuldn't put the story in there too. The taking damage animation and the healing animation are the same, this makes it confusing for the player. Needs more sound effects. Maybe more mechanics to the gameplay to make it different from other games.

You should include more sound effects, and try to make the game less boring in general.

clicking a button in the main menu doesn't do anything! You have to fix this because you can't play until this bug is worked out!

Oh my lord.... the things people make me play on newgrounds. Timele$$ is one of the most undercooked games I have ever played. So many things are wrong here that.... oh no... please make it stop! At first, it's story is it's only half-decent quality, but everything else is a disaster!

The story involves you, an unnamed character, who decides to seek out the legend: Captain Venix's treasure in order to afford medicine that will help cure your father who was fallen sick from a deadly illness. During the game you find out that getting the treasure isn't as easy as you thought, so you set out on a road made of fences(?) to seek help.
When you click on a chapter, it will awkwardly drop you in gameplay and display story dialogue while expecting you jump over obstacles. That's right! The only ones who are reading the story without taking forced hits are multi-taskers! But it get's so much worse! After playing all 4 chapters on Normal difficulty, here is a list of reasons why I needed a drink after finishing Timele$$...

- There is no walking animation for your character.
- The following sound effects are missing from the game: menu confirmation sound effects, taking damage, taking damage from a missile, taking damage from water, dying, jumping, flipping gravity, the hearts you collect, level complete, music, basically everything!! The game is so quiet that I could hear crickets chirping outside my house. WTF!?! There are no sounds or any music whatsoever!
- Any story you want to enjoy interrupted by it's stale-ass gameplay! Reading the dialogue can potentially get you killed. This is a bad design because not everybody is capable of multi-tasking.
- The gravity function is bull! Your character will flip upside down and float to the top of the screen. You will then begin walking on the sky for no apparent reason!! Everything else will float up with you and hit you in the face! When you jump, you will fall downwards before floating back up in the most uncomfortable fashion ever! What's more absurd is that chapter 4 forces you to use this poorly executed feature or else you die in burning lava.
- When you die, there is no game over screen! You just instantly start from the beginning of that chapter with almost no time to absorb thought process of what just happened.

Here comes the biggest blow: when you complete the final chapter which is Chapter 4, you learn EVERYTHING you need to know about the story. So that dialogue you're trying to pay attention to during the middle of gameplay while dodging missiles, trees barn buildings, the works, it had absolutely no meaning! You didn't need to pay attention to it!!! F*** this game!!

There are cheat codes you can unlock for completing the game on Rapture difficulty. Forget that! I don't want to play anymore! This game has pissed me off to no end! Features are executed terribly or just straight up missing, and despite being told it at the worst time, the only good part of the game was it's story until it gets ruined. I can't do this anymore...

The final verdict for this paincauser is a 3 out of 10! I hope this game doesn't make it to the newgrounds library, but if it does, then someone has to play Rapture difficulty and get the cheats up on their review for everyone else unfortunate enough to play. But as for me, I'm tapping out...

Final Verdict: 3 out of 10
NG Rating: 1.5 Stars

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very crude and very meh

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Jul 18, 2015
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