Ryona Zomboids

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Author Comments

Survive as long as you can against wave after wave of zombies in this retro styled zombie game! Click anywere to fire. Click your player to switch weapons. Gain coins by slaying zombies and aliens with a handgun, a revolver, a shotgun, and a machine gun. Spend coins on gun upgrades and new unlockable guns like the flamethrower! You can also press 'R' to reload anytime. I hope you enjoy!

-I updated the pricing for the Flamethrower and Grenade Launcher, they are a lot cheaper now.

-I noticed a bug and I will try to get it fixed when I can! The bug happens when the game loses focus, it will cause the music to stop looping. Not sure if this is a browser specific issue or a coding issue yet. Sorry about this! :(

-Thank you all for the reviews so far, there will be a sequel sometime and I will be sure to implement your ideas within the sequel if I am not able to add them here. :)

What would you like to see in this style of game?
What needs to be done to make it better and more enjoyable to you?
I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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A fun shooting game with great weapons.

very cool game. niiiiice weapons
weather and enemies and that stuff, helps to avoid the repetitive feeling. you could add some more ! maybe flying ones, dont know ! i liked this game.

dereklarue responds:

Thanks for playing and reviewing! I have a few ideas for some new enemies (evil birds, evil alien ships, big evil aliens, evil clouds, ect.) as well as background stuff like regular clouds and birds in the back drop. Maybe some achievements or something could be added as well. Not sure if they will be implemented within this version but for sure in the sequel. I am glad you enjoyed, thanks again!

The game is extremely repetitive. The only way I knew I held a different weapon was because of the shot type. I expected to move around but the only control was for the guns. I wish the shop also showed up in the player screen since upgrading it on the fly would make the game play faster.

Glad it has a pause button. More games need it these days.

dereklarue responds:

Thank you for playing and reviewing! It is repetitive, yes. But I am lost as how to fix the repetitive aspect that is present within the game, any ideas? All guns have varying sound effects and different graphics, also the shells fly out differently per gun. The game was made with mobile devices in mind (for simple taps and touch screens), which is why there is a pause button and why it can be played without using the keyboard. I suppose I could of added the shop to the pause screen, but I kinda liked the idea of having players dying to buy upgrades as its an incentive for more "replay" value. I will remember and consider all your opinions when the sequel is started! Thanks again!! :)

This is actually a fantastically programmed game as far as aim and hit detection goes. Although the game gets much too hard too fast. I didn't even have time to find out if things changed at all. There aren't any options that I see because I died in less than a minute and I am very familiar with and good at these types of games. It looks like this is your first try so definitely an excellent job, in that respect. Good concept, bad execution. Awesome try though! Don't give up! :)

dereklarue responds:

Thank you for playing and reviewing! I'm not sure how I can make it easier while still keeping the harder game play style. The zombies come in pretty slow in the beginning and you are equipped with multiple guns to use from the start allowing seemingly fair survival (at least till round 10 if you only use the shotgun and machine gun). It can get hard and was made to be such, make sure you use your other weapons and upgrade them when you can as enemies gain more health per wave. Around waves 6-10 you will start to notice some background changes. Also, this is not my first game. Did you have any ideas on how I can do a better execution? Thanks again, every word helps! :)

I actually like this game, but what limits this is the ammo. Why do you have a cache? You can't pick up more ammunition AND it carries over from gun to gun? Why is that? When you upgrade to a gun you should have a different set of ammo.

Love the weather elements of the game, and how it helps you out too. Nice game.

First i got to wave 2, played again and got to 12. Nice Job

dereklarue responds:

Thank you for playing and reviewing! The ammo is limited to add difficulty to the game and will require you to think about what gun you should use, I suppose I could give players more ammo but I want some implied danger for using up all ammo haha. Each gun has its own ammo supply (you can run out of shotgun ammo and still use another gun till that ammo runs out). If your guns are using another weapons' ammo supply then its definitly a bug (in which case get me some details on what gun and whos ammo and I will address it asap). Your bullets will do more damage and you will get more ammo when you upgrade a gun. Good job on getting to wave 12, I am glad you enjoyed playing! Thanks again!! :)

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2015
3:03 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed