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Poket's Mission

rated 2.67 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop

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Jul 17, 2015 | 12:54 PM EDT

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One saved 5 Points Save one little wolf
Two saved 5 Points Save two little wolves
Family 10 Points Save all little wolves
Three saved 10 Points Save three little wolves

Author Comments

--English Description--
In a world nearly in its end, life is difficult to succeed, and this family of wolves will need your help to survive. Poket as the head of this family, set out on a journey to find food for the little wolves.
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En un mundo casi a su fin, la vida es difícil tener éxito, y esta familia de lobos necesitará tu ayuda para sobrevivir. Poket como la cabeza de esta familia, embarca en un viaje para encontrar comida para sus pequeños lobos.

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--Author comment--
-I need a new computer with more ram... God!

Medals now work



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

is almost perfect, the only problem is that you have to kill some wolves for having all the medals

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

There is no point to made medals that counts how many meats you get. Either get medal when found a meat or get all 4 medals at one are better than clear game 4 times with 1 2 3 4 meat(s)

try to play your own game at least 2 more hours will help you to find out problems before players complain about it.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I would like to not agree with most reviews about the jumping problem, but I got only "three saved" because of that. It was so frustrating to see Poket chain-die that I rushed some levels after a brunch of tries, and eventually forgot a path I was going to many times, before the successful run.

Maybe it is a small problem of collision, depending on the character and platform's frames. It do not makes the game unplayable (and even add a little bit of feeling, like if Poket had problem to focus because he's worried about the kids who are alone) but it kills the replayablity factor.

Other than that, this rather simple platformer have a good design and music part. I'll not repeat what was already said, but the concept and "food detection" mechanics are good. Maybe you could do a longer game on the same kind of theme/universe another time.

Anyway, keep it up ! You already proved with "Reverie" that you are good at these eerie universes what seems out of the time. Takes your time for the next project, and makes us dream again.

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Barquero responds:

thanks .... ; w; <3
I'll do my best in the future


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice little game with one big flaw.

Artistically, the game is good. You've presented a very surreal setting; some distant time on Earth when strange, mutated creatures crawl around in the night. The fact that the entire game takes place at night with an enormous moon in the background adds to the eerie factor. But it's not the unusual post-apocalyptic approach. Instead of focusing on people, you're focusing on more natural aspect... a family of wolves trying to survive in a harsh world. And the huge moon just ties into the wolf theme. The music is also quite good. It's somber and pretty, but still a bit spooky.

The game your basic run-and-jump genre, with difficult triangular jumps up vertical climbs... something that seems pretty common on Newgrounds these days. Still, the added mechanic of sniffing to detect food is a nice touch. On any given level, it helps to know if it's worthwhile going off the path to search for food. The length of the game is nice too. Games like this can become annoying when they go on too long, and the developer can only keep the challenge up by creating increasingly frustrating level designs.

Where the experience suffers is mechanics. For a game that relies so much on jumping, the mechanic is very sloppy. It's not that controls don't respond, or that Poket doesn't jump high enough, but he tends not to jump at all at critical moments. If you stand still and jump, it's fine, but attempt to a running jump off a ledge and you're likely to end up in a pit. After the 50th time Poket had hurled himself off a cliff while trying to make a long jump, I nearly quit the game. This is particularly frustrating on smaller platforms. To be honest, it seems like the game is meant to be played by having the player judge the distance of a jump and then find a good spot to jump from while standing still. That's a valid form of gameplay, but players of this style may not expect such a thing.

My advice is just to play the game through a few times and see if you can figure out what's frustrating players regarding the timing of the jump and Poket running off the edges when he should be leaping.

The hit detection on enemies can also be a bit off. Poket tends to fail just by standing next an enemy, without actually making contact.

Otherwise, there's a good game here. It's not the game is broken. I did manage to win twice and get the best endings. And yes, the game was easier the second time through. Just some mechanical issues that need tinkering.

Keep honing your craft.

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Barquero responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate your review and taking your time for playing and even giving me a nice (and informative) opinion. Definitely this are the things that help me.
I will do my best in the future. Thanks again!