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The Markiplier Quiz Parts 1, 2, and 3

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UPDATE: MARKIPLIER PLAYED MY GAME! :D I've updated the server so now part 3 works. Thanks for your support!

The game was made using Adobe Flash. It's a 3 part quiz, with at least 50 questions each! The flash quiz was finished last December and I've been trying to get it out there for people to play :3 The game DOES have sounds! Please be sure to turn your sound on to get the full experience of the quiz. And if you beat part 1, part 2 is a surprise xD Some of the questions are easy, some are hard, and some are "think out side the box" kind of questions. There's a bonus message at the end if you beat either quiz part! :) Mark, I hope you see this and play it, that would be my dream! Thanks for everyone that supports the game!

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this is a good game

Where has mark always wanted to go? "Well obviously Space, Schmoyoho made a whole song about it." *Incorrect* *...gets close to mic* "YOU LIED TO ME."

But seriously while the weird answers add personality to the game, they can seem a little unfair. Other than that, this is just a good quiz.


I won... I WON!
Part 1: Fun questions, hard at some points.
Part 2: Part 1 + FNaF 2. Time and stuff also.
Part 3: Random and Super Hard. I thought you were supposed to do easy, medium then hard.
End: 4 or 5.
5 because Mark played it and i'm better than him.

nlovett218 responds:


This was the BEST! I loved playing it and watching Mark play it. Although a few questions are repeated I adored the game and finished all 3 parts! I prefer the third part as it is randomised and I hope you make more of this. I also can't wait for an upgraded version with your own drawings and questions that only true Markiplier fans would know, like ' at what point in Amnesia did Mark lose Tiny Box Tim?' Questions along those lines. BUT! Thank you SOOO much for taking the time to make this and I hope you have a great day ! Buh-bye!

nlovett218 responds:

Thank you so much! Yeah I got a little burned out of questions on part 2, so that's why I added +10 to the required amount to win. Honestly I never thought mark would play it considering the ratings I got at the beginning.

Here's some bad news though. I had to reformat my PC so I no longer have Adobe Flash. I also no longer have my original .fla flash file. I could of swore I made a backup somewhere! :(

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Jul 17, 2015
12:37 PM EDT