How I Survived

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The Mrs. Espinoza show has a special guest today, Mr Owen Iscariot, a survivor of the recent invasion to his small country. It seems that Owen has a story to tell about his fellow citizens during the invasion.

This video is for the NATA 2015 novice round. Tried a slightly more realistic animation style this time and I hope everyone enjoys it. As usual, let me know what you think, I love reading critiques of my work.

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Those mouthless people at the end sent a slight chill down my spine

Nice animation, looks really good. I just have a question, did the mint turn into 3 pills for one frame or am i seeing things here. Anybody else?

ZeroELopez responds:

It did :)

I'm in love with the way you lip sync. Those lips move soooo nicely, I thought I was in lip sync heaven. Anyway, this was a really good story. I thought the ending came out of nowhere, but after rewatching it, I noticed the hints you dropped throughout the video that pointed towards what was about to happen. It was really creepy, I got goosebumps! For improvements, I'd say to just practise drawing people more often. This is going to sound mean, but the proportions of the different people in some of the shots were pretty bad.

ZeroELopez responds:

Thank you :3 Ill make sure to do more figure drawings to improve my proportions. Practicing that should also improve my drawing speed as well. I'm glad someone noticed the hints I dropped through out the video.

Alright, THIS was the best in the NATA series. I guess the animation could be a little better. It still doesn't matter, because this told a wonderful story. You really show such strong emotions. The voicework is great too. You just have no idea what's going to happen next. I guess he did kill those people in real life.

Could he really turn into a monster too? Well, it was all a dream. This came off as so real to me. I imagine this is a nightmare someone in this situation would have. Again, it's quite ambigious.

ZeroELopez responds:

I'm glad someone found this to be so great :3 I worked really hard on getting the story right so I'm glad it payed off.

Oh gosh...this was wonderful.

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Jul 16, 2015
9:41 PM EDT