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Wizards of Time

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Wizards of Time alpha release.

Features to add:
SFX, level select, saving, more powerups, etc


But this game really sucks dick, sadly. I'd liked to write a more detailed and positive review, but there is nothing to write about it except bad things. Movement is simply not working, graphics are practically atrocious, gameplay looks to be boring as hell, and the whole product is to an actual game as a still-living chicken running around a farmyard is to a chicken soup.

Sorry, can do anything about it. Such unfinished products are a very temptating bait for negative reviews. Better think twice before posting something like this anywhere online.

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SyCx1 responds:

i publish concepts for my buddies to check out. i usually have several new concepts a week. i get easily bored so i don't actually finish many games before i start a new concept.

one day i might have a concept that you people actually like. then i'll think about finishing it.

I tried the game, and found it to be completely broken. Starting from the menu screen, the game has ugly graphics, but I've played plenty of good games with bad graphics so that's not too bad. The music is somewhat irritating and the animations are extremely simplistic, which didn't give me a good first impression. However, when I started the game for real, I was unable to move using either the mouse or the WASD keys. I am very sure this isn't just a random bug, as I tried reloading the game to see if movement worked and I tried to see if I had made some sort of mistake at the start screen (unlikely, but possible), and the movement controls still didn't work. Since I couldn't move, the game was unplayable and impossible to win. I use Chrome, by the way.

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SyCx1 responds:

try holding down the right mouse button. wasd is broken in this build apparently. don't care enough to figure out why since you hate it so much :p

Does flight rising know you're using their art?

SyCx1 responds:

never heard of it. i just grabbed random crap off a free sprite site(stuff i didn't draw anyway) to make a test game with. its not like i'm selling this. the game you're talking about probably did the same.

it sucks dick

SyCx1 responds:

such encourage

I don't know what made me like this game so much but I did! Keep it up! :)

SyCx1 responds:

thanks its a work in progress still :)

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Credits & Info

1.97 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2015
5:31 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight