The Space Opera

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The beginning of a saga that will live on...FOREVER!


How the hell does someone dodge them much bullets without moviing
bulshit right there
but because im not a nitpicker nor a asshole
I have to give it effort I like how it remined me of jackass trying a star wars skit
I'll give you a 2 1/2 for me being recommend to watch

Like the previous critique, it felt a bit jerky. I understand it might be a bit old. When doing the next one, just play the file to yourself and say "is this what it would look like to me?"

Maybe this is just my personal taste, but I did not like the animation style at all, all the movement felt jerky and fast, especially when the spaceship was crashing. The textures were varied, switching from cartoony and hand draws, with very little reflection, to bright, almost plastic looking textures. There was a lot of repetition with the background sound, especially when we see the the cliffs laid out in front. Along with that, all the sound effects were screechy. Over all the whole animation felt lazy, I couldn't do any better, but i wouldn't want to watch this one again.

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flashmasterfong responds:

Thank you for your critique, even though it wasn't a favorable critique I'd just like to say I made this one when I was younger and plan on putting out more to do with this story. In the next animation the animation will be better and so will the sound. But still I appreciate your comment, it's nice to hear from people who are realistic in their thoughts and don't sugar coat things.

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2.79 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2015
8:53 PM EDT