Mournful Obscurity II

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Welcome to Mournful Obscurity II.

You play as a noble and brave knight whose quest is to find and collect the ten "Stones Of Prayer", located in an unknown and unexplored part of the Labyrinth. These stones, if put all together in the portal, will release an enormous energy, necessary to restore the ancient forces, that are told to have the power of set the Labyrinth free from his damned inhabitants.
BEWARE: You fail, You start over!

-WASD or ARROW KEYS to move.
-ESC to pause.
-M to open the map.

Are you experiencing any bugs or glitches? Please, report them to the dev team by using a Comment.
Do you have any suggestion to improve the game? Write it in a comment, the devs are always happy to improve the game basing on your feedback.

NOTE: If your PC, especially your GPU, is too old, the game might suffer of poor performances.
NOTE: Before you can use the M button to open the map, You have to find the map near the starting point.

You can contact the team using the e-mail provided on this page: http://meteoragames.strikingly.com/#contacts


I liked this very much. I wasn't very nerve wracking and not overly difficult to solve. I do not think you need check points in this game - it feels like a one shot deal in order to get through it.
I would like to see more done to it though - something about the evil spirits there, maybe something dealing with restoring the ancients.

needs some checkpoints mate. also needs an inventory for potions you don't want to drink right away. and you WALK away from a ghost? I think not. also why is he carrying a sword if he never uses it? the art is nice but playability is low and i'm not talking too demanding for my system.

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Spooky game with a nice atmosphere. runs fine on my system but it is graphically intensive. The annoying thing is the map is pretty useless. it doesnt show anything useful, and the game could do with some hints as to where the other gems lie. also there is not much you can do about the ghosts.

However, if youre an hardened adventure fan, youll enjoy this simply for its atmosphere

Hoo boy, took me a while but I finished it. Definitely need to fill out a map to get the job done, which was good fun.
I agree with MLScherbatov that it might be nice to have the fear developed a little more. A few more words at the end couldn't hurt, but I was happy to have made the journey.

m doesnt work to open the map

it was confusing having a sword but not being able to swing it. im assuming this is just something that will come in time as the game develops.

graphics, atmosphere, and sound are really good, but i felt like maybe you could add more intense music or some hallucinations/ screen distortion or the light getting smaller as you became more scared.

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blodsvept responds:

Hello, thank you for your feedback.

In order to open the map you have to find it before (Just follow the bloody trail at the starting point).
Actually the sword is not intended to be swinged, It's just a sort of decoration :D
Thanks for your suggestion about the Fear Factor effects, I'll keep this in mind for future updates.

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2.52 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2015
4:20 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle