The Worst Space Exploration Game

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Author Comments

WASD to move, Arrows & Q+E to rotate.
I want to begin by saying i'm sorry. I have this ironic hatred for talentless ****s who make these games that are genuinely ****, and call them Satire. So it's a shame that I am just another one of them. The only seperation is that my models are original. I promise you the next game will have effort put into it.
*EDIT* >150 views isn't too bad, right? I'm coming straight out of youtube, but...that's ok for a first timer, right?
Before I explain, this is not representative of what my game currently on Greenlight will be at all similar to and reminiscent of. This is representative of how experienced I am with Unity and Blender at the moment. The purpose of this is just to show how long it will take for so much as a demo of my Greenlight game will Look like. Ages. So....

Tihs is the wirst Space Expluration Game Evah!!1
It's better than no guy sky and the gol is to colect all teh easter egs! Has planets with atmospheres, and even a SPACESHIPP!11!

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its so bad its fun

shootokill23 responds:

Cjerrs m8

It is clear that no work was put into this, and saying it is bad intentionally is no excuse for publishing such a pointless waste of time. No music, no animation, nothing whatsoever in this game makes it worth playing.

shootokill23 responds:

There's the easter eggs.
Seriously though, I agree with you. First timer. Not a good start, though. At least now I get the idea - To quote Daniel Hardcastle, "There are two words in joke game. One of them is game". Sorry it sucked.
Next game will have effort. I promise. Again, sorry.

The only suggestion I have is to include in the Author comment's how to control! I was going to vote zero before I figured out you could move around. Looks good!

shootokill23 responds:

It says in a piece of text that is the first thing you see. I'll put them in anyway though.

Check the rotation again it doesn't seem to do what it should

shootokill23 responds:


20/10 best game

shootokill23 responds:

Cheers for honesty

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2015
1:32 AM EDT
Adventure - Other