Escape to the movies

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Its something a bit different from my usual videos but involved a lot of techniques that I needed to practice so I thought why not and went for it.

big shout out to Ray Ginzburg for doing the music, go check his stuff out

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That was great, the movie had a lot of charm. Though it was lacking in story, it was still interesting to watch. The animation was really nice, Great work :)

In all honesty, I'm not a big fan of this animation. Yes the animation itself is very beautiful (especially for practice work), the models are very attractive with their own unique low-poly design (which I like) and the music makes what's initially happening look quite charming as she's looking at the other children, longing to join them but is too scared to.
However the story, in my opinion, was very lacking. What seemed to be a girl wanting friends and being too scared to socialize with them at the beginning, changed to "I don't need any friends. F**k 'em!" which was a shame, as I thought it could be a lot sweeter and charming if they come across each other on the pavement and saw she was coming out from watching a movie the others were wanting to see. This could lead to some gestures that resemble them talking about the movie (aka making their arms wings and pretending to be space ships with each other then maybe running out into the park which would then conclude the animation, making it very sweet and cute). I believe that this improvement to the animation could make the overall quality animation so much better especially with the atmospheric music (which reminded me of summer holiday/autumn as a kid). However, me being a fan of animations with relatable and powerful stories, am gonna have to rate this animation lower than I would have. However, I want to clarify that this is not a bad animation. I just believe it could do with more plot and more character.
Anyway, well done all the same and I hope to see more work from you in the future (hopefully you'll take my advice on improving plot ;P).

balbod responds:

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the animation and Ray's job on the music

That'd sure have been an interesting way to take the story and it may have worked better as an ending ill keep it in mind for the future. The ending I went for was more me trying to show the character growing stronger and how things that once bothered you don't seem so bad once some time has passed, not sure how clearly that came across though

I wish I could use C4D for animations as you do. Everything is so fluid and the physics on her clothes... top notch stuff. The song also fits perfectly. Another outstanding job, dude!

balbod responds:

Thanks for the kind words and it's never too late to go learn

OMG this was amazing! I understood every part, by looking at the movie posters you could tell what she was doing! This was really creative and I would say that it is escapism.

balbod responds:

wow thanks I wasn't too sure about this one so it's good to know people get it and are enjoying it

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Jul 10, 2015
8:44 AM EDT