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Simple Addicted Pinball game. Easy to play. Press A or Left Arrow, D or Right Arrow and S or Down Arrow.


the music is a bit annoying but you can mute it so not that bi gof a deal.
there are some weird things happening like, when you shoot the ball out at max power it sometimes just bangs against a small edge and falls down like it has no speed. also i find it a bit hard to lose or at least lose a ball. the gap between the two levers (or what you call them) is so small that if you keep spamming left, right the ball has no chance falling down there.
the ball sometimes gets stuck right at the wall near the levers and then just pops out going anywere.
the only real way to lose a ball is if it drops down the sides, kinda lame.

but even with those things that aren't that good, the game itself can keep you entertain for quite a while.

Great game. Feels like real pinball. WOOT MY 5 R TO THIS!!!

Simple, but enjoyable. While it doesn't have anything much over other pinball games, it's definitely not too showy or flashy, and that's a nice change. Good physics, and non-annoying sound effects. Yeah, good job :)

I love pinball, this was an okay, simple game. Nothing wrong if you're looking for a short game of pinball.

this isnt addicting at all,i wanted to die as i was playing it

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2.05 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2015
10:22 AM EDT
Sports - Other