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Buckle Up

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Hilarious Joke!

2nd Place for Robot Day Thanks Tom

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what was the french song?

The animation is really good I almost didnt know what that symbol was at the end then I remembered the name of the title. duh silly me :P

Also the pilot looks almost like suspiciously like Elana from Street Fighter ;P

Nice work overall!

Your animation and sound worked out nicely enough (the hand-slapping-helmet noise was spot on), but your punchline came far too soon. It's a bit late to change anything now, but after you set the scene with the robot, the pilot, and the crew, you should of had something happen to set up for the punchline, like warning signs going off everywhere, with a shot of the crew in complete confusion. That sets up the relief when the pilot finally finds the problem, which is something physically trivial, but theoretically important. If you had the time, you could even show a picture of the robot from the outside with an accompanying seat-belt click. I might be bringing up more than you could actually produce in the time given, but I can't stand half-made jokes.

TL;DR Video looked nice, but I didn't laugh. Sorry.

It was too short, but everything was well worked out and done professionally. The animation, the sketching, the scenery, and the music were very fitting with each other all at once. The joke has potential to it as well. Good job on this.

The facepalm was a bit unnecessary/forced. I think it would have been much cuter if she (he?) had just put the seat belt on, and have it end like that.

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2015
7:53 AM EDT

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